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More people would get involved in mountain biking if it wasn’t so costly. Due to the rise in the popularity of the sport, there’s an emergence of biking products that can be as expensive as an average car. However, you don’t have to buy all the biking accessories currently available in the market. You only need these important pieces of mountain biking gear to start loving the sport without breaking the bank.

Here’s my advice for anyone wanting to get into the sport.


There are a lot of mountain bike choices in the market today and choosing one can be very overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of options but everything can be settled as soon as you know what kind of terrain you think you’ll ride on more often and your preferred riding style.

But if you’re just starting out, you might want to buy a simple but sturdy alloy bike that has mid-range specs. This will allow you to try out different trails without too much hassle.


When shopping for a helmet, you might be tempted to pick the cheaper ones to save some cash. But remember, your safety should never be compromised. This is one area of mountain biking you don’t want to skimp on your budget. Look for a helmet with extended back and sides to give you the fullest coverage. If you’re planning to venture into downhill mountain bike racing, then a full-face helmet is the way to go.


Some mountain biking beginners believe they don’t have to wear gloves while riding. But the truth is, a good pair of gloves will become your best friend.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive pair in the market, but you should look for those that are made with a mesh back, a durable elastic cuff and a leather palm.


Even if you are mountain biking during the day, it is still good to have a reliable set of lights for biking. These lights should be bright enough to catch attention whenever you’re stuck in a remote area. It should also make you become visible for at least three-quarters of a mile.


You might be interested in buying a hydration pack. The other option is a durable water bottle. Choose a water bottle made from light and sturdy materials and shaped properly to make it easier for you to grab.


This will be very useful whenever you experience a flat tire. Most of the time, the fix kits that are available on the market can be purchased together with a spare tube and tire levers that you can use in emergencies. I never go mountain biking without one.


If your budget can still allow it, you can also add other mountain biking essentials like a pair of paddle shorts to make you more comfortable on the saddle. You can also invest in a good pair of clipless shoes and clipless peddles. Clipless shoes snap into the peddles so you get more out of the effort you put into the drive chain.

The most important mountain biking gear doesn’t need to be the most expensive. I recommend taking it easy on your spending when you get started. You can invest more as your skills improve and you know more about the sport.



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