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At first glance, motorcycle camping might seem challenging. You need to survive in the great outdoors with only the limited gear and supplies you’ve brought with you. As long as you follow simple rules and do adequate planning, though, your two-wheel adventure will be able to run smoothly and trouble-free. Here are some important tips for a successful motorcycle camping trip.


It’s not enough to know how to operate your bike. You must be able to perform basic maintenance and repair. This includes checking the tyre pressure, oil as well as brake and clutch fluids. You have to know how to adjust all the controls and change the tyre tube if it gets punctured. These skills are important because once you’re out on the road, you cannot simply call a mechanic in case you run into some trouble. You have to be your own mechanic and that means getting to know the ins and outs of your bike.


Planning ahead is crucial if you want to have a successful motorcycle camping trip. Apart from ensuring you have all the essential gear, you have to check the weather forecast for the duration of your two-wheel adventure. Check if the weather changes as you pass by different places. You also have to be familiar with the route you need to take to reach your campsite.


Since you only have the back of your bike for storage, it’s important to pack light. Only bring essential gear and adequate supplies. This means food, water, shelter and other items that provide comfort, warmth and safety. It helps to have a checklist so you can keep track of everything you need to bring.

Check your bike’s payload capacity and make sure you’re not overloading it with your gear. Weight may not be an issue, but space is limited. So, avoid bringing big, bulky items. Adopt weight-saving tactics such as choosing items that are lightweight and can perform double duty. Meanwhile, leave items that are meant for colder temperature if you’re travelling in the summer. If your campsite has laundry facilities, there’s no need to bring too many clothing items.


A successful motorcycle camping trip means not having to deal with any issues, especially those related to your bike. One possible cause is not packing your bike properly. Unlike backpacking or hiking, weight is not really an issue with motorcycle camping. However, you have to distribute the weight evenly to prevent the bike from toppling over.

Make sure that your heaviest items are as low and close to the centre of gravity as possible. This usually means packing your luggage with camping gear first. Then, your soft duffel containing clothes and other supplies can be on top. Valuables and protective gear should be easily accessible so place them on the topmost layer. You also have to make sure that the weight is balanced on both sides Afterwards, use tie-down straps and bungee net to secure and support your luggage.

Motorcycle camping can be a wonderful experience for those with an adventurous spirit. You can combine your love for the outdoors and the open road. Though this type of camping experience will be more challenging, it’s possible to have a stress-free and successful motorcycle camping trip. Follow these helpful tips to ensure your comfort and safety during your two-wheel adventure.



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