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Stargazing is one of my favourite activities while camping. With a view undisrupted by city lights, you can enjoy seeing the moon, the stars and other heavenly bodies visible in the night sky. To enhance this experience further, you can use astronomy apps as guides on your next camping trip.

Here are five stargazing companion apps that I find very useful.


With a quick-loading and modern interface, SkyView is considered as one of the best stargazing companion apps available on the market. Apart from the sky map and visual aids, this app can provide all the information you need using the rear camera of your device. You can get detailed descriptions and movement trajectories just by pointing your phone camera to the star that catches your fancy.

Additionally, SkyView features a few interface options. For one, it features a night mode, which is quite useful when you go camping. It tinges the visuals in a red hue so that it’ll be easier to use outdoors at night. The app also has a customisation option that lets you change the size of the icons. This makes the app valuable to some who might have vision problems.


If you want a visual-heavy guide to the night sky, Star Chart may be perfect for you. Using augmented reality and GPS, this app can map out what celestial objects are visible from your location, in real time. It also lets you zoom in and out of planets, essentially giving you a tour of the night sky.

Star Chart isn’t limited to real-time maps either. The app also provides a means for users to see the night sky in different locations and at different times. Want to know what constellations were visible in Hawaii three hours ago? You can find out by adjusting the settings of the app.


Stargazing can usually make one curious about the wonders of outer space. If you want to learn more about the celestial bodies you see, then NASA’s official app may be worth the space on your phone.

NASA’s official app provides you with the latest news regarding space and scientific discoveries. It also lets you know when and where you can see the International Space Station next. Apart from that, it gives you access to its database of materials, including photos, videos and other forms of media. It also provides a glimpse of what NASA is up to via NASA TV.

Overall, NASA’s official app is a handy stargazing companion if you want to know more about what’s beyond the night sky.


If you’re already tired of looking for constellations, why not look at the sky in a whole new way? After all, the moon, stars and planets aren’t the only objects visible in the night sky.

Artificial satellites are also visible at night. If you’re curious as to where they are, then Satellite AR may be an app that’s worth installing. Instead of closely tracking the stars and planets, this app tracks the artificial satellites orbiting Earth. It lets you watch the night sky from a different perspective.

Watching the sky is a fulfilling camping activity as it is. But, learning about what you see makes it even more meaningful. With these stargazing companion apps, your camping trips won’t only satisfy your need for adventure but also the needs of a curious mind. I recommend giving them a try.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.