Group Playing Cards While Camping


Going on a camping trip with friends or family is a fun and memorable event. But if you’re like most people, at some point during your camping trip, you’re bound to hear the dreaded phrase ‘I’m bored.’ The best solution to get rid of boredom on a camping trip is to play board games. Here are some more games to play on your camping trip because you can never have enough choices when it comes to fun, right?.


I recommend this game when you’re camping with friends. It’s a board game where players attempt to figure out each other’s identities. The setting is about an imagined battle between a resistance group (trying to overthrow the spiteful government) and the government spies (infiltrating the resistance group). The games take about half an hour or more and are played with five to ten players, making it perfect for a camping party.

At the start of the game, a third of the group is randomly and secretly chosen to be government spies infiltrating the rest of the group. One of the players (either a spy or Resistance member) is selected to be the Mission Leader (it already sounds fun, right?). The spies are made aware of each other without the Resistance knowing. The only thing the Resistance has a clue about is how many government spies exist, not who they are.

During each round, the team leader will select participating members to send to a mission depending on how many members the board will require. These members will be the ones who will get to vote on how the mission will turn out if it succeeds or fails. For the Resistance to win, they must prevent the spies from failing three missions.

It’s a great game because it allows you and your friends to converse and practise your deduction skills since you need to figure out who the spies are. You can also tell who among your friends are great liars.


Here’s another game you can play with friends and family while camping. Exploding Kittens is a big hit even before it started being mass produced. A record holder in Kickstarter, it amassed 6,000 backers in its first week alone. Exploding Kittens is a lot like UNO but with goats, magical enchiladas and kittens that can kill you.

You start by putting the cards on the table and take turns drawing from them. If by chance you draw an exploding kitten card, you explode and die, which disqualifies you from the game. But, you can counteract it by playing a defuse card which will stop the kitten from exploding by using things like laser pointers, kitten yoga and catnip sandwiches. You can also play other cards to skip your turn, attack other players, peek at the deck or secretly relocate an exploding kitten card. Playing Exploding Kittens will generate a lot of thrills and laughter, a necessity for a fun-filled camping trip.


One more tabletop game that can generate loads of laughter is Gloom. At first glance, Gloom may not seem like the most cheerful game to play, but it’s quite the opposite. The central premise of the game is to make sure that the characters suffer as much misfortune as possible. This is where the laughter comes in because the various circumstances of Gloom are quite hilarious. It’s a perfect game for teens and adults. You can have between one to four players playing Gloom at any one time.

You’ll only need a stack of cards, the instructions and your competitive nature to play Gloom. The great thing about Gloom is it is light and has fewer pieces than the other tabletop games (you don’t even need a table to play it), making it the perfect game when sitting around a campfire. Even though it is a card game, the Gloom cards are made of transparent plastic, which is a big plus because the cards don’t bend when wet and won’t fly away as quickly as other cards.

These are some of the best games you can take with you when camping with friends and family. Pack one of these babies the next time you go camping, so there won’t be any shortage of fun and laughter all day and all night long.

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Jane F
Jane F

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