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After creating an itinerary and packing all your gear, there’s one more thing to do before departing for your camping trip — grocery shopping for food.

Unlike your usual trips to the store, you have to be more strategic with the ingredients and snacks you purchase. This is where a camping food list comes in handy. It should help you choose food items that are easy to prepare but are delicious, filling and nutritious as well. Here are some things to consider when making a camping food list.


Even if you have a portable fridge, don’t put a lot of perishable food items on your camping food list. Moreover, you have to keep perishables to a bare minimum only if you’re bringing a cooler. You can bring some basic but versatile ingredients such as milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt as well as fruits and vegetables. For meat and poultry, you can cook them ahead of time and just warm them up when it’s time to eat.


Your camping food list should have mostly non-perishable food items. This includes beans, canned tuna, freeze-dried meals, peanut butter, trail mix, chips and granola bars. Even though you’re bringing basic food items, you can prepare them so that they’re tasty and filling.


With all the relaxation you’re having in the great outdoors, you don’t want to spend too much time on cooking. As such, your camping food list should have ingredients or snacks that are simple to make. You can use canned sauces for your pasta, accompany your main course with bread and potatoes and serve oatmeal in the mornings, for example.


To spend more time having relaxing, do as much meal prep as you can prior to your camping trip. Once you have all the basics, it’ll be easier to prepare robust meals including macaroni and cheese, meat sandwiches, chilli and casseroles, for example.


Avoid putting new items on your camping food list. Likewise, try not to cook certain meals for the first time when camping. The outdoors isn’t the best place to experiment on new snacks, ingredients or recipes. If it turns out that the food isn’t good, you would have wasted time, money and effort preparing them. It’s also risky if you’re camping with children. Instead, opt for snacks and meals that are tried and tested. Some no-fail food items include bacon, hot dogs, marshmallows, pancake mix and popcorn.


You have to pack light when camping. However, food is a valuable resource and is necessary for your comfort as well as survival in the great outdoors. So, don’t hesitate to add a few extra items on your camping food list. This is in case something unexpected happens. You might suddenly decide to extend your trip, change your mind about your menu and some food might get spoiled or ruined. If you’re camping with active kids, you might also go through your stash quicker than expected.

When creating your camping food list, it’s important to keep these tips things in mind. However, since space and refrigeration are limited when camping, you have to be smart about the ingredients and snacks you bring along. Always choose basic but versatile food items as well as tried-and-tested recipes and brands.



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Kimberly Powell
Kimberly Powell

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