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Building a bicycle trailer strong enough to carry your fishing gear to the beach or river doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s possible to make a sturdy bike trailer, perfect for lugging your tackle box around. You don’t need expensive tools or masses of materials. The whole thing can be created out of easily available materials you pick up at any DIY shop for less than twenty bucks.

You will need:

• A sturdy metal pipe of around 4 foot in length
• Bolts and screws
• A plastic container or old esky
• An old golf bag caddy
• Rope or string
• A carabiner
• A drill
• A wrench
• Screwdriver for the screws
• A vice


Use the axle and wheels from the golf bag caddy. You don’t need the bag. Drill a hole in it and the metal pipe and bolt the two together. You will need to bend the metal pipe so it can go around the bike tyre and bolt to the chainstay on the side of the wheel. To bend the metal pipe, secure it in the vice and you should be able to move it with your hands (you might need to recruit a mate to help you), or if not, take a hammer to it. Test the pipe to ensure once it is attached to the chainstay, it won’t rub against the tyre when the bike makes right turns.


To attach the trailer to the bike you will need a hitch. This can be made by drilling a hole through the end of the pipe and feeding some rope through the hole to create a loop. Once you have a looped rope you can attach a carabiner to the rope. With the carabiner, the trailer can be fastened to the mudguard or chainstay of the bike.


I just use a cheap plastic container and screwed it to the metal pipe and the axle. An old esky is fine to use, or a wooden box, or anything that can hold your gear and be screwed to the metal pipes underneath.

Once you have it attached, you can fill the box with whatever you want to tow. It might not be the most stylish looking trailer, but it ticks the boxes for functionality and practicality and will make carrying the tackle box to and from the waterside that much easier.

This is probably one of the cheapest ways to go about it but putting together or buying a decent bicycle trailer is a great way to use your bicycle for fishing trips closer to home, especially when if you want to take the whole kit and kaboodle with you each time you go. If this DIY idea is too shabby for you, take a look around for what’s available within your budget.


What do you think? Have you made yourself a bike trailer? Share your thoughts through the comments section below.

Oli Ward
Oli Ward

Oli has camped and hiked his way around Australia and most of Europe. He also loves writing about his experiences and sharing his knowledge.