4WD on dusty track


If you are finding that dust is getting in your vehicle when driving along unsealed roads, there is an immediate solution until you can get your seals replaced.

The trick is to make sure your air conditioning is blowing in fresh air and not recycled air. Now that might not make it as warm or as cool as you want, but it will help to prevent all that dust getting in your vehicle by increasing the air pressure in your vehicle. You should have the fan set on a high setting.

Obviously, this won’t work if you are driving behind another vehicle. Actually, it will work in reverse as your air conditioning system will be pumping dust into your vehicle. As a general rule, even if you don’t have problems with dust getting in your vehicle, it doesn’t make sense to drive behind another vehicle and drive in the plume of dust. It will only a matter of time before your vehicle has dust on the inside.

If you are breathing dust, so is your engine’s air filter. That’s a very good reason not to drive behind another vehicle creating dust. Not to mention, there is a good chance a stone or rock will be thrown up with all that dust resulting in a shattered or cracked windscreen.

Rubber seals come in kits including the tools needed to replace them. If your seals are that bad, I highly recommend getting them replaced when you get your vehicle serviced. You will save a whole lot more on the cost of fuel when using your air conditioning and you will enjoy the comfort of a quieter ride.


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Martin White

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