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I had heard many great things about the New South Wales and it had been on my radar for some time. But the opportunity didn’t present itself for a couple of years. In a house with three kids, it isn’t always easy to sneak off for a substantial period of time to fish down south. But my wife and children went to her parents for a week and me and my mate were able to take the 4WD down the coast from our Queensland homes and sample some of the NSW fishing.


We started the week on the Yowaka River, not too far from Eden. We drove down the Nethercote road which runs along the river and found a suitable spot to launch from the shore. I had heard that the Yowaka is a favourite stomping ground for Australian Bass and Flathead. We started throwing plastics out along channel edges. It wasn’t long before we saw some action, but the Flathead were pretty determined, and we lost one before we could get it to the boat.

Over the next couple of days, we tackled Pambula Lake itself and a place named Honeysuckle Point. We had a bit of luck with bream at Honeysuckle Point and took some Mulloway in the deeper part of the lake. A bloke told us there were schools of Tailor in the lake, but we didn’t find any, although there were some good opportunities for Oyster collecting around Honeysuckle Point. We had to check with the local authorities that they were good for eating at this time of year, but once we got the all clear they made a good starter meal.


We set off the following dawn for Clyde River. This was one of the most pristine waterways I had seen in years. There are no dams or industry on the Clyde, and commercial netting is prohibited. All this comes together to make for some of the best fishing in Australia.

We launched at the Yadboro flats and got to it. The Clyde River is at the heart of Australian Bass country, that is what we targeted. We had a lot of success on soft plastics. We found several fallen trees that we targeted, and after a couple of pulls on the handle, they were biting.

While in the area, we headed over to the secluded Lake Meroo near Ulladulla. We needed the 4WD for this, as we had to go offroad to get to a launch site. The conditions were seriously calm, and initially, we were reluctant to throw some poppers in. Our gut feeling turned out to be correct, and we took nothing for the first hour. However, almost as soon as we switched to a stickbait, we got some interest from the first curious Bream of the day and we were off.

Later, once the wind had picked up and the conditions got a bit choppier, we could start throwing poppers out and it became a free for all. We must have taken almost 20 Breams between us.

It was the perfect way to end our road trip. We had come a long way, but New South Wales had not disappointed.


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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.