fishing gear


So you are getting ready to go kayak fishing. Here is a simple checklist of kayak fishing gear to which you can add more of your own individual requirements.

• Lifejacket (PFD)
• Radio
• GPS/Compass
• Phone
• Paddle
• Seat
• Rods
• Tackle
• Leashes
• Bait Tank
• Whistle
• Water
• Food
• Gaff/Net
• Sabiki Rig
• Battery
• Pliers/Knife
• Wetsuit/Waders/Splashwear
• Sunscreen
• Fishfinder
• Camera
• Camera Mount
• Mirror/Signalling Device
• Spare Paddle
• Binoculars


Is there anything you can add to this checklist? Let us know in the comments with your reason why.

Bill Matthews
[email protected]

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.