fishing gear


So you are getting ready to go kayak fishing. Here is a simple checklist of kayak fishing gear to which you can add more of your own individual requirements.

• Lifejacket (PFD)
• Radio
• GPS/Compass
• Phone
• Paddle
• Seat
• Rods
• Tackle
• Leashes
• Bait Tank
• Whistle
• Water
• Food
• Gaff/Net
• Sabiki Rig
• Battery
• Pliers/Knife
• Wetsuit/Waders/Splashwear
• Sunscreen
• Fishfinder
• Camera
• Camera Mount
• Mirror/Signalling Device
• Spare Paddle
• Binoculars


Is there anything you can add to this checklist? Let us know in the comments with your reason why.

Bill Matthews

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.