Kayak Fishing Accessories


Turning your kayak into an ultimate fish-catching vessel isn’t as expensive as it sounds. Compared to the cash required for kitting out a boat for fishing purposes, it costs almost nothing. There is an almost never-ending list of kayak fishing add-ons and accessories to enhance your time out on the water. Here are my personal, picks for kayak fishing accessories that won’t break the bank.


The must-have add-on for turning a recreational kayak into a fishing machine. Invest in a couple of paddle clips. Personally, I don’t actually use these for storing my paddle, I have a homemade clip where I secure my paddle, instead I use them for holding my landing nets.


Another cheap gadget that will massively enhance your Sunday afternoons of kayak fishing is an anchor trolley. Once you have snuck up on the fish and found a spot where they are biting, you want to be able to stay there without disturbing them. An anchor trolley means you can control your anchor and position it, depending on where you want to be in relation to the current.


If you often fish in the shallows, a stake out pole might be a better option. These have a pointed tip which allows you to stake the pole into the soft mud or sand and attach your kayak to it to stay fixed in place.


In windy conditions it can be a nightmare presenting your bait without drifting away. A drift chute is a simple piece of nylon attached to a string, you put it in the water to slow your drift down and allow you the time to cast and present your bait exactly how you want. You can pick these up for between $20 to $50.


When kayak fishing, any accessories must be portable. I found a great folding fish ruler made from tough PVC. It also floats and has a notch on the nose board so you don’t have to remove the hook while you are measuring the beast.


For fishos that like using live bait, there are plenty of affordable bait tanks on the market that fit perfectly in your kayak. Great for keeping both bait and your catch alive for measuring in fishing tournaments.


A tiny bit of kit that has a huge impact on your comfort and enjoyment levels. Just be aware, when you buy a seat it may take a little getting used to. It raises your centre of gravity and can make for some unstable paddling for the first few minutes.

A kayak is like a blank canvas waiting to be customised and tweaked to suit your needs. Once you start adding bits on, it can be like jumping down the rabbit hole, you don’t know where to start or how much to spend. Start small and work your way up to bigger purchases.


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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.