fishing tackle and box


Just getting started fishing and putting a tackle box together?

Experienced anglers know what essential items to carry in his or her fishing tackle box. It may include lures, hooks, floaters, sinkers, swivels and several other things. To choose the right tackle, it helps to know where you’ll be fishing and the type of fish you’ll be targeting. Below are some of the essential items to include in your tackle box that can improve your fishing experience.


They can be very useful to help you remove the hooks from all the fish that you catch! Using pliers to remove hooks can make the job a lot easier and most importantly, safer.You can also use them for other tasks such as fixing your bait or rigging up your line.


It can definitely be a challenge to catch a fish with a blunt hook. Sharpening your hooks can be a great way to extend the life of your hooks and ensure you’ve got the best chance of pulling that fish in.


When it comes to cutting fishing line (or bait), or cleaning fish, a sharp, anti-corrosive and stainless-steel knife is a must-have accessory. It is a small, yet very helpful item to help you complete many tasks while fishing.


They are the most important measurement tools for anglers to use for a fishing adventure. They help to measure the weight and length of your catch and other things loaded on a boat. Every angler should know the size and possession limits for the area they are fishing in and these tools will help to ensure you only keep legal size fish.


How often have you had a bite or cut on your hand while fishing? Wearing a pair of gloves, especially when handling sharp objects or fish, can help you to avoid these types of injuries.


You may be an angler who likes to go fishing in the early evening or at night. A quality torch is a good option to provide adequate light when fishing at these times. Not only will it improve visibility when you are catching fish but it can also help you to get safely back to your car or home when you’re finished.


A First Aid Kit is one of those things you hope you never need but it’s very important to always have one with you. As a minimum, you should have a small kit that you can attend to cuts and other common injuries so you can safely continue fishing or adequately assist with a more serious injury until you can get further help!

Stay resourceful, safe and most importantly enjoy your fishing.


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Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.