tomato soup


Canned soup is one of the most convenient meals to take camping or simply prepare for a fishing trip. Tomato soup is one of my all-time favourites. It’s perfect for keeping warm or cold in a thermos and helps keep the hunger pangs away while being as easy to consume as taking a sip – just perfect.

Let’s face it, not many people go through with the hard work and time that it takes to make a soup from scratch these days. Canned soup isn’t all that tasty either. With those points in mind, here are some ways you can make canned soup taste a whole lot better.


Salt, pepper and even a bit of chilli will really liven up any canned soup. You don’t have to stop there either. Get out the spice rack and add your favourite condiments. Salt and pepper are a must for me.


Even with chicken noodle soup, it doesn’t feel like you are getting much to bite on. Bacon or beef are perfect for tomato soup. I love bacon in mushroom soup. Go with what you prefer. The easiest way to cook is in the frying pan and make sure you cut your meat into small pieces before adding to your soup. Sausage is another great addition to any canned soup.


Cheese is an easy way to add some extra flavour and give your soup a creamy taste. You can use the type of cheese you love. I am big on spicy pepper jack with tomato soup. You can never go wrong with some grated parmesan cheese.


I wouldn’t add cream or milk to a broth type soup. Cream and milk are best added to soups that already have a creamy base. Cream or milk will make your soup thicker and smoother to taste.


If you have vegetables lying around in the crisper or a pack of frozen vegetables in the freezer, throw them in while you are heating up your soup. If you are taking your soup out in a thermos, you don’t have to worry about cooking them for long because that will continue during the day.


Croutons are basically stale bread or toast. Breadcrumbs are also a way to thicken any soup. I prefer to have a decent French roll and some butter, but the choice is yours.

So that’s some very low-cost ways to give life to just about any canned or packet soup. There’s no limit really. I always have a good dig around the cupboard to see what is available. An old tin of smoked mussels is another great way to add some kick to a soup and a great way to enjoy a day of fishing.


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Suzy T

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