Dog On Boat


Aside from their favourite treats and drinking water, there are other important things to bring when you go on boating with your dog. These things won’t only ensure your four-legged friend’s safety but their comfort and happiness throughout the trip, too. Here are five essential things to bring when boating with your dog.


Even if dogs are capable swimmers, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip their life jackets. Safety should be your priority when boating with your dog. If the dog gets tired or gets caught up in an accident while on the water, a doggie vest will save its life. Life jackets for dogs, dog flotation devices, are available at most pet stores and boating stores. Getting the right size is easy when buying online. Just follow the retailer’s instructions on measurement.


If you can’t fully trust your dog to behave on a boat, especially if it’s their first time, bringing a leash shall do the trick. However, choose a leash that goes around their torso instead of the one that goes on their neck. The latter can be dangerous on a boat when waves start tossing your dog around.


Just to be extra safe, put an ID tag on your dog that includes your important details in case you get separated from each other. Make sure to include your name, mobile number and current boating location to bring your pet when found.


A human first-aid kit is okay, but there are pet-specific medications that your pet may need. Full pet first-aid kits are available for purchase at most pet stores. It’s also a good idea to bring the contact information of your vet when boating with your dog, just in case your pet gets into an accident that needs more assistance.

Sunscreen is one of the essentials you’ll want to bring on a boating trip, and don’t forget to share this with your pet. Dogs can get sunburnt if exposed to the sun for too long just like us humans. Bring an SPF 15 sunscreen spray and choose the unscented one to avoid getting your dog agitated.


If a carpet isn’t available, bathroom throw rugs are just as perfect. Carpets or rugs will serve many purposes for your dog. A boat can easily get slippery, and putting a carpet somewhere your pet can frequently stay or walk on will prevent your pet from slipping. The carpet will also greatly protect your pet’s feet. Dog’s absorb heat through their feet, and a boat’s surface can get very hot during the day. This spot can also make taking naps for your dog more comfortable. Bringing along items that your dog is familiar with, such as your dog bed mattress is a good idea.

Boating is more fun when you bring along your friends, especially if they happen to have four legs. Enjoy paddling or fishing, snacking or sipping on refreshments, swimming and napping in between. Dogs can be some of the best pets to go on an adventure with. And whether it’s your first time to go boating with your dog or it’s already a weekend routine, make sure they’re safe and comfortable throughout the trip.



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Philip Wallis

Philip grew up with a family of pet lovers. He particularly loves dogs and is sharing his experience with OnDECK by DINGA.