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Camping for the weekend doesn’t mean personal hygiene has to fall by the wayside. Apart from smelling a little funky, being in nature exposes you to a lot of different elements — some of which come with harmful germs and bacteria. Staying clean is more about being healthy. After all, your well-being will determine how much you enjoy your trip to the great outdoors.

With that said, here’s how to maintain camping hygiene and not let body odour get in the way of a pleasant experience with friends and family.


Even if you don’t get to shower for an entire weekend, you can still feel fresh and be odour-free. Just make sure to pack a few essential toiletries such as alcohol, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, baby wipes and toilet paper. With these items, you’ll be able to wipe the dirt off of your feet, remove sweat from your skin and cleanse your hands before eating.

For some extra pampering, you can bring dry shampoo to suck up oil from your scalp and keep your hair fresh. You can bring your lotions, too, but make sure they’re unscented. Otherwise, you’ll be attracting insects, mosquitoes and wild animals.


If you’re camping near a river or lake, take advantage of the water that’s made available to you. You can rinse your whole body or splash your face or soak your feet. Just make sure that you aren’t using any products in the water. Even if your toiletries are biodegradable or eco-friendly, they still have chemicals that can do some damage to the water supply. Instead, bring with you a bucket and some washcloths, so you can cleanse yourself on nearby land.


Because you have a lot of gear and equipment with you, camping often means packing light when it comes to clothes. While reusing outer clothes may be a bit more acceptable, don’t scrimp when it comes to socks and underwear. Make sure you have enough for the duration of your camping trip.

Bacteria can fester in underwear that has been drenched in sweat or socks that have been wet for way too long. If you run out of clean socks or underwear for the next day, wash what you have used and allow them to dry overnight.

You can still stay true to the pack light mantra by packing smart or innovative items. For example, a microfibre towel is lightweight and dries quickly. You can bring this along to help keep you clean without adding significant weight to your backpack.

Maintaining camping hygiene isn’t all about body odour. It’s already a given that you probably won’t be smelling nice because you’re exposed to natural elements. The importance of staying clean is to prevent harmful bacteria and germs from affecting your health. If your well-being is compromised, you’re not likely to enjoy your camping trip. Smelling and feeling fresh is definitely a fantastic bonus and one that your camping mates will very much appreciate, too.



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Jane F

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