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Everyone needs to urinate regularly, that’s just a fact. That’s why I am bringing up the topic of peeing in the outback. We need to take a little care and not just whip out the snake or squat where we think it is private enough. Here are some tips and some guidelines to follow when you are outdoors camping, fishing, hiking or whatever.


The general rule is not to urinate within 200ft of a campsite or a body of water. That also applies to small bodies of water. You shouldn’t pee in a small body of water. A large river is a different matter because the large volume of water will dilute your urine. Keep it smart and leave no trace.


Women should look for a place that absorbs urine quickly. Something with a small amount of vegetation will normally do the trick. The last thing you want is splash all over your shoes or boots because you peed on hard, dry ground. Another thing is to watch out for the slope of the ground. You might think you have the perfect place and position until you find one of your feet is ankle deep in urine. Check the slope of the ground before you squat and position yourself to take full advantage of it.

While some women prefer to use a shake-and-dry off bandana, I am big on a little bit of toilet paper. You have to wash that thing on a regular basis and I’ve made the mistake of wiping my face with one in the past.

Women’s pee funnels are interesting gadgets for those who have everything and want something else. You can use them standing up. Essentially, they are a cup that is suited to that area of our body with a hose you point wherever you want. It’s like peeing as if you were a man and had a really long dong.

I can see why boys and men have so much fun going to a number 1 compared to us. They are useful outdoors because you don’t have to get your private parts close to the ground. I am quite a big fan of them to be honest.


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Jane F
Jane F

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