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‘Match the hatch’ is a common phrase used by anglers. It simply means using a lure or fly that closely resembles the baitfish that’s in the water. Doing this will improve your chances of catching fish. Read on to find out some strategies I use that’ll allow you to match the hatch.


Knowledge about a certain fishing location will help you match the hatch. If you’re headed to a new location, it’s best to do some research about that certain body of water. You’ll gain some preliminary information about the aquatic life that’s in the water. If the fishing location is one of your haunts, your past experiences will pretty much tell you which baitfish are in the water.


Most anglers want to start fishing immediately when they arrive at their location. However, those with more experience will tell you that it’s important to sit down and watch the water first. You can cruise through shallow water to see what the fish are feeding on. If the water is clear, you’ll be able to spot schools of baitfish immediately.


When you’re ready to start fishing, choose a lure that matches the appearance, profile and size of the baitfish. You must also make sure that the lure is able to create the same movement or action of the baitfish.

Based on where the baitfish are, you’ll also have to decide whether to use surface or subsurface lures.

When it comes to the lure’s colour, it’s best to have a variety in your tackle box. For beginners, you should have lures in solid colours, some with reflective properties and a few clear ones. Actually, the colour doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the baitfish. But, you do have to consider how they will appear in the water. For example, in dark and muddy waters, it’s better to use lures with solid colours for better visibility. On the other hand, you can use clear or reflective lures in clear waters, especially on sunny days.


If you are not catching many fish, look into their stomachs for partially digested baitfish to see what they’re feeding on. Use a lure that is similar to any baitfish you find inside your catch.

Based on the collective experience of anglers, certain practices or techniques have become popular because they help increase one’s chances of catching fish. ‘Matching the hatch’ is one such technique. It doesn’t require much technical skill. Instead, it relies on your ability to observe your surroundings and have good judgment when it comes to matching lures. As long as you keep these tips in mind, matching the hatch will be a technique you should be able to master before too long.



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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.