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For the most part, Australia is a safe place for camping. However, it wouldn’t be the first time if your things got stolen while you’re distracted. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of theft, follow these simple tips on how you can keep your camping gear safe.


Although it’s not 100% foolproof, getting to know your camping neighbours is one way to keep your camping gear safe. Say a quick hello and exchange pleasantries before you go about your own businesses. You might not turn into lifelong pals, but getting acquainted with them can help ensure that your camping gear stays put.

It’s not that your neighbours are thieves. On the contrary, if a stranger does come along and dubs your campsite as a target, your neighbours can help steer them away by looking after your things. A small gesture goes a long way.


Containers are already a camping staple as they help you stay organised. Once you’re already settled at your campsite, store the items you don’t need inside a container. Keep these closed at all times. Thieves are going to find it harder to swipe gear from you if your containers are shut tight.

Containers also help keep your food items away from any wild animals that may want to steal them from you.


Camping typically means having to bring bigger equipment like portable fridges or coolers, portable stoves, a nice headlamp and the like. These are the more expensive items you may have and are usually the first ones to get stolen. A smart idea to keep them safe is to bring chains and padlocks with you. Secure your gear by chaining them to a nearby tree or to your tent when they’re not in use.


Have a clean and organised campsite. Don’t just leave your camping gear scattered around everywhere, especially if there’s high foot traffic surrounding your area. It’ll be much easier for you to keep an eye on your items if they’re nearby. Know where you placed your things so that you immediately notice when something goes missing.


This is probably the wisest option to keep your camping gear safe. Your car already has built-in locks and an alarm system that goes off when someone tries to enter it without a key. If you don’t necessarily need your gear yet, keep them locked away in the trunk. This works best if your car can enter your campsite. Otherwise, it’d probably be more of a hassle to keep walking back and forth from your campsite to your car.

Valuables like wallets, mobile phones, expensive watches, jewellery and the like must be kept inside the car for maximum security. These are items that you tend to leave somewhere and forget about, making them easier to swipe. Of course, it goes without saying that your car must be locked at all times.

When you’re out camping and having a fun time, it’s easy to forget about the security of your items. To get you started, just follow these tips to keep your camping gear safe. However, when you find yourself confronted by a daring thief, contact the authorities or camp management.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.