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Given all the skills a new angler needs to learn, casting distance may not seem all that important. In actuality, being able to cast farther helps you catch more fish — larger ones, too. Improving casting distance and accuracy aren’t as difficult as it sounds. It can be done as long as you follow a few basic rules. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to increase casting distance.


If you want to cast further, you need to use the appropriate rod, reel and line. Your fishing gear must also be in good condition. When it comes to rod choice, using something with moderate action or medium power will result in a much more powerful launch compared to both heavier and lighter rods. In terms of length, a longer rod will allow you to make a longer cast. Also, a fast action rod will make your lure fly faster and farther.

When it comes to your reel, make sure to tune it properly. A spool pulled right up to the rim will increase the length of your cast. A thinner line with a smaller diameter will also cast better than a heavier, thicker line.


When making a long cast, you can be more accurate if you have a proper follow-through. The perfect cast seems so effortless, and the angler looks so relaxed. To achieve this, you’ll have to use the whole body to power your stroke.

As for technique, use both arms and shoulders to put some muscle into your cast. Use your opposite arm to power the rod down while your main arm pushes the rod forward. This allows the rod to bend more deeply and the lure can go faster and farther. Putting an abrupt stop to your stroke also helps improve distance. The best time to release is when your rod is in front of you, and it’s about 45 degrees to the ground.


If you’re planning to make a long cast, you’ll achieve more distance by using a heavier lure. However, lure profile should also factor into your decision. A bulky profile will result in a shortened cast because the lure will create some resistance in the air. Rather, you should opt for a lure that has an aerodynamic profile. This will travel better in the air.


Apart from your gear and posture, you also have to consider your surroundings. Obviously, if you cast against the wind, you’ll have shorter casts. The key is to cast with the wind. If the wind is to your back, your line and lure will be able to go further.

On paper, casting doesn’t seem all that difficult. All it takes is following a few simple rules. However, in practice, increasing casting distance is something you won’t master overnight. You will need to put some time and effort into it practising. Once you do, though, you’ll reap a lot of rewards. Casting further allows you to fish in more locations. It also vastly improves your ability to catch fish. As a new angler, this is a fishing skill that you’ll definitely want to master.



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