Lot Of Fishing Tackle In Fishing Tackle Box


This is a question I have dwelt on a lot. I used to scoff at those fishos with an overflowing garage of fishing tackle. I thought myself above it. I thought those anglers were overthinking things, dragging so much tackle out on the water I was surprised their boats didn’t take on water and drag them and their oversized tackle bags to the watery depths.

Then I noticed my tackle shelf had become two shelves. Then it became a “tackle wall” as, like an invasive species, my tackle began to creep up the wall. When we stopped referring to my area of the garage as a “tackle shelf” and started referring to it as the “tackle section”, I knew I had turned into the monster I had long scoffed at.


I comforted myself with vague notions that “too much tackle” is a subjective idea. Surely “too much” is all relative and it is in the eye of the beholder. Well, if this is so, my wife is the beholder. She was the one that told me I needed to address the rapidly-expanding “tackle section” before it took over the garage and we had to sell the kid’s pool table.


When the issue was broached, naturally, faced with the prospect of having to throw out a tackle collection that was twenty years in the making, I questioned whether or not it wouldn’t be easier to replace the wife. But after much consideration, I set about tackling the daunting looking tackle section of the garage.

Firstly, I looked at everything that I hadn’t properly organised. I worked out that I had probably had a good clear up and reorganized my tackle around a year ago. There was plenty of stuff that was still in its store-bought packaging and needed sorting.

Once I had put everything in its place, I considered what I had actually used over the last twelve months. I had a box labelled “crankbaits” of which I had only used two colours in my life, and neither of them in the last 12 months. With more than 10 different hues staring back at me, it dawned on me that if I hadn’t used the “purple descent” colour in the last few years, I was unlikely to start using it now.

The reality is that I have a handful of go-to bits of tackle, and all of them are in my tackle box. When they break, I replace them. This ever-expanding wall of pieces I have picked up from tackle shop bargain bins was totally excessive.


After much umming and ahhing, I did make a severe dent in the tackle mountain. It now fits neatly onto one shelf again. But throwing away tackle was like throwing away memories. I was reminded of every old fishing trip or every impulse buy in sleepy tackle shops out in the sticks. That is the real reason we keep this stuff, not because we might use it again one day, but because after the fish has been eaten or released, all we have left are our memories. There are infinite memories tied up in every fishos tackle collection.

So, after much sadness, I parted with much of my gear. It was impractical, and I can now find everything I need much quicker, but I haven’t mentioned these benefits to my wife.

I just hope she doesn’t discover the secret stash at the back of the closet.


What do you think? How much is too much tackle? Let us know in the comments section below.

Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.