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It’s all too easy to stop at fast food joints or buy more junk food at the petrol station when you are on the road camping or on your way to a fishing trip. Just because you need something easy-to-go doesn’t mean you have to resort to more junk food. The reality is that junk food gives you a huge burst of energy for a short time leading to fatigue. Healthier foods give you a sustained release of energy while keeping those tummy grumblings at bay.

You’ll save on your waistband, save on your pocket and feel better all round when you snack on healthier foods. You’ll also be able to concentrate better, which is extremely important while you are driving down the road, especially if you are towing a boat and trailer.

Here is a look at some great healthy snacks that are designed to give you energy for longer and keep you feeling satisfied.


The best snacks contain protein as well as some healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. A combination of mozzarella cheese and apples has this in boat loads.


Beef jerky is packed with protein, the most hunger-satisfying nutrient. You’ll have to watch out when you purchase beef jerky because many of the packets you’ll find in supermarkets are packed with preservatives and sodium. Get the right beef jerky and you’ll find you’re not hungry for longer and feeling much better for this wise choice.


Carrot sticks and grapes are great because they offer time to pass the boredom when you are driving down the highway. There is plenty to crunch and munch and eat as much as you want. You’ll be surprised at how filling they are. Many people don’t realise how filling vegetables and fruits can be. These two are particularly great for snacking on down the road because they give your mouth and hands plenty to do while eating them.


The best popcorn is not the pre-packed microwave version loaded with chemicals. All you need is the naked kernels you can cook in much the same way and add some butter or margarine and sea salt. Naked kernels cooked on the stove are loaded with fibre, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates to provide loads of long-lasting energy.


Pack these together and you have a snack that is loaded with protein and the ability to control your hunger for longer periods. They are easy to carry and can be prepared in minutes before you leave.


Who doesn’t love peanut butter sandwiches? They are so easy to make and if you use whole wheat bread you don’t just get all the protein from the peanut butter, you get all the complex carbohydrates in your bread. Old-fashioned white bread is packed with white sugar, something we always want to avoid.


Is there anything you can add to list? Let us know what it is and why, and share with everyone in the comments section below.

Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.