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Fishing is among the highest participation sports around the globe. Men, women and children of all ages love to soak a line and catch fish. It’s not surprising considering that fishing has been deeply embedded within human society for thousands of years. Fishing is also a therapeutic activity that provides a host of health benefits to individuals and the community.

Here are some good reasons why you should get out fishing more often.


Fishing provides an avenue of escape from the modern world. Most anglers get completely lost in the fishing. When you’re solely focused on thinking about what the fish are doing, what they are eating and how to catch them, there is little room for any other thoughts. Anglers can temporarily escape from the world and get a reprieve from any stresses or concerns they may have.


Although the intensity of activity can vary by the type of fishing undertaken, fishing is generally a physical activity. Hiking through the mountains in search of native freshwater fish involves a lot more exertion than baitfishing in a tinnie.

Nevertheless, any activity that involves getting outside, carrying equipment or launching boats is much better than sitting in front of the television. You’ll also get a healthy dose of vitamin D but don’t get sunburnt.


For many anglers, fishing provides an opportunity to catch up with like-minded mates, fishing club companions or spend time with the family. Fishing provides a fun atmosphere to share hilarious tales with your best buddies or teach your little ones about fish and marine creatures.

All of these interactions are relationship building exercises that help you to form strong bonds with important people in our lives.


When you’re out and about in nature, you’re virtually guaranteed to randomly cross paths with amazing creatures. From sharks and crocodiles to jellyfish and dolphins, fishing often facilitates some remarkable and memorable encounters with wildlife.

These natural encounters are exciting, inspiring and are certain to send your pleasure levels up and your stress levels down.


The fringe benefit of fishing is that every now and then you might have an opportunity to bag a fish or two. Fresh fish is one of the healthiest meals on the planet and it tastes even better when you’ve caught it yourself.

A supplement of fish will provide the family with healthy meals and relieve some pressure on your wallet.


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