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Combining my love of surfing and getting away from the suburbs is a big deal for me. If you love surfing and you are on the east coast of Australia, it can be hard to find some space on the water, especially in the middle of summer. I try to give myself a treat each year and convince some friends to go away for a week or 2 so that we can get away from the surfing crowds and still enjoy some decent waves.

I stress that you should be careful about what you promise here. I like to make sure everyone understands that we are heading out for a camping trip. You can get those who get upset if they don’t find the best waves on the planet.

Over the last few years, I have found these locations to offer great surfing as well as camping options. It’s great to go chasing the waves but it is nice to have some facilities and access to supplies when you need it.

Here are my favourite spots for crowd-free surfing and camping on the east coast of Australia…


Cave Beach is located inside the Booderee National Park. It’s just south of the New South Wales border, directly east of Canberra. The area is actually known as Jervis Bay Territory. It’s only 3 hours from Sydney and makes for the perfect place for camping. Cave Beach is located on the southern coast of Booderee National Park. There are camping grounds just a few minutes from the beach. The beach offers great surfing with camping grounds and you don’t have to drive too far if you need to buy something to eat.


Whitehaven Beach is located on Whitehaven Island. Whitehaven Island not too far south from Townsville and is very close to Airlie Beach. If you have never heard of Whitehaven Island, it is the secluded island next to Hamilton Island. The weather is crazy and storms can change the environment in a moments notice. I don’t mind it, but not everyone wants to spend a night in the rain for a great wave. Camping is available for around $6 a night if you are ready to give it a try or you can stay at Airlie Beach and catch ferries that run between Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach. There are a number of providers that will help you get across to Whitehaven Island or you can do what I like to do, put my gear on my surfboard and paddle across. Make sure your friends are as keen as you if you want to try it my way.


Spooky’s Beach in Yuraygir National Park between Yamba and Woolgoolga is actually quite well known by surfing fanatics. Nevertheless, it is still somewhere you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere and uncrowded surfing. Spooky’s Beach is located about midway between the Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour. There are plenty of places to camp at affordable rates.

Spooky’s provides excellent breaks for both left-handers and right-handers. The location is out of the way enough to enjoy uncrowded surfing while having access to everything you need, including nightlife if you really want it.


Treachery Beach is a convenient spot for surfing if you are in Sydney and looking to get away from the crowds. Treachery Beach also offers great fishing if you are looking to catch something to eat as well as surf along with it. Treachery Beach is located near Seal Rocks and surrounded by the Myall Lakes National Park. This ensures the beach is isolated and yet has the facilities that anyone camping would need. Camping sites are only around $15 per person. At only 200km from Sydney City, this is a great escape even for long weekends.

These were the prices at the time of writing but they could have changed.

Is there any location you think we should add to this article? Share your thoughts through the comments section below.

Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.