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If you’re just starting to get into fishing, the best thing you can do is to start off with a beginner fishing rod and reel. As a beginner angler, you’ll want avoid spending too much money on a hobby you’re still just getting the hang of. That’s why investing in an advanced fishing rod may not be a wise move for a starter like you. That’s because an advanced rod will make things harder to learn the basics of fishing and find your fishing technique preferences.


To answer this question, we must first determine what rod you shouldn’t go for. For a beginner, fly fishing is not something you’re recommended to do. Fly fishing, although very rewarding, takes a considerable amount of time to master, so it’s not something a beginner should start with. Another thing you must avoid is deep sea fishing as it requires you to own a lot of rods to chase big game fish. As a general rule, a beginner must rule out anything extreme because this isn’t what a beginner angler must focus on.

The best place to start with is something easy going, flexible and versatile. Go for a medium-weight, medium-length, medium-power spinning rod that’s somewhere around 6.5 to 7.5 feet in length. Also, this type of rod is one that will suit a lot of basic fishing styles. Beginner anglers need a rod that will let them fish in multiple situations so they can learn all the basics. Any rod that you can use to catch a wide variety of fish is the way to go.

Another thing you can consider as a beginner angler is getting a rod that you can travel with. This means using a rod that you can easily bring with you during your fishing trips, such as a portable telescopic fishing rod.


The fishing tackle industry has an abundance of rods all boasting their unique properties which are designed to help you catch more fish. Here are two rods I recommend.

The Jarvis Walker E-Force Spinning Rod features a brand new, very durable and super-strong E-glass blank (for those who don’t know what a blank is, it is the pole that forms the core of the rod). This rod offers stability, speed and toughness; it is the perfect all-around fishing rod for you to start with. (Not to mention, it comes with a free rod hard case if you purchase it from us.) Best of all, it is pretty affordable for its quality.

Another great rod you can invest in as a beginner is the Shimano Catana 7′ Xtra Light Spin Rod. This innovative two-piece design gives more portability and compact storage – a great rod for travelling. Aside from that, the Shimano Catana 7′ Xtra Light Spin Rod is perfectly suited for Australia’s freshwater fishing since this rod will perform very well in any fishing situation. And best of all, it provides excellent value for money.


A beginner fishing outfit will include these items, so make sure to get these:

• 10lb main line
• 15lb trace or leader line
• 10 x swivel / clips
• 6 x single hooks in different sizes
• 4 x drop sinkers
• 2 x ball sinkers
• 3 x spinning lures of different sizes and colours
• 1 x packet squid or bait-fish soft plastics
• 2 x flasher easy rigs
• 1 x tackle box
• 1 x bait knife
• 1 x pair polarised sunglasses
• 1 x packet of deadbait like squid or pilchards

Did that get you pumped up to catch some fish or what? Hopefully, everything I’ve mentioned above will help you better enjoy your fishing experiences as a beginner. Also, don’t rush the learning process. Enjoy every moment of it as it is vital that you master the basics of fishing before taking on other challenges.


Do you have any advice for beginners choosing their first fishing rod? Share your experience in the comments section below.

Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.