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If you’re overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of city life, then maybe it’s time to take a break and refresh your mind and body. The best way to do that is to go camping and experience the peace, quiet and fresh air nature has to offer. So pack up your gear and head on over to any of these destinations as they are some of the best that Australia has to offer.


Located in Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Booderee National Park offers white sandy beaches that will surely take your mind off work and relieve any stress that you’re experiencing. Nothing beats the cool breeze of a white sandy beach. Plus, you can see humpback whales if you go there in June, July, September and November.


Another great destination in New South Wales is South West Rocks. There are a lot of unspoiled beaches surrounding Horseshoe Bay, and there are lots of rainforests and rivers surrounding the region. If you’re looking to explore something different, then South West Rocks should definitely be on the top of your list.


The Fortress in Grampians National Park, located in Victoria, is a great destination if you don’t want to lug around a tent. You can just lay your sleeping bag on the rocky overhangs and enjoy the view. If you’re going hiking, this will be your first stop if you start from the Harrop Track car park.


If you’re into something different, why not try Lake Eyre National Park? Located in Southern Australia, Lake Eyre National Park is the lowest point to camp in Australia. It is 12 metres below sea level and is surrounded by bare wilderness. Head on over to Halligan or ABC Bay, and you will see the salt-crusted surface of the lake. It’s truly a unique view. I recommend a visit during the colder months to avoid the blistering heat.


A direct opposite to the Lake Eyre National Park, Kosciuszko National Park is touted as the highest point in Australia where you can camp. Mt. Kosciuszko is the highest peak in Australia. If you go to the Main Range, you’ll see a spectacular view of the whole mountain range. Keep in mind though that this campsite has no facilities, which means bring everything you need.


Lake Moogerah in Queensland boasts of the most scenic campsites in Australia. Experience magnificent sunsets with family and friends in any of the campsites available at the lake. Aside from the spectacular view, Lake Moogerah boasts small towns offering fresh produce close by.


Le Grand National Park in Western Australia boasts of sparkling shorelines that are 5 kilometres long. Lucky Bay, as it is called, is a great place to pitch your tent as you can sleep just metres away from the white sandy beaches it offers. There are also other places to visit aside from Lucky Bay. You can head on over to Frenchman’s Peak for a scenic view or go to Rossiter Bay and navigate the 15-kilometre coastal track it offers.


The Ormiston Gorge in West MacDonnell National Park is the best destination to go stargazing. It offers the clearest night skies in Australia and is highly considered as the best place to camp in Central Australia. Letting your mind drift in the crystal clear sky at night is a very magical experience.
These are some of the best spots to camp in the Outback.

Any of these destinations will surely refresh your mind, body and soul. So if it’s time to take a camping trip, consider any of these destinations and prepare yourself for making new, wonderful camping memories.


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