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When it comes to cooking on the weekend, we want the biggest BBQ to get the job done. Now that is fine if you are only using your bbq for cooking at home. If you want to take it to the caravan and camping area you are heading to, you might want to think twice. You will need to take it with you. 15 burners and a grill big enough to cook a cow won’t be much good at the caravan site because you won’t be able to get it there.

Here, I’m taking a look at some of the features that we are looking for in great BBQs, but that doesn’t mean they all apply to the model you want to take with you on your adventure. Before you buy, ask yourself these questions:

• How much money can I really afford?
• Do I want to take this bbq with me when I go on an outdoor adventure?
• How many people will I really be cooking for most of the time?
• How much space do I have to use this bbq, either at home or when I am outdoors?
• Do I really need all those bells and whistles?

A portable barbeque is definitely the way to go whether you are camping outdoors or you have an impromptu get-together on the weekend at home with friends. While many of them use charcoal or another solid fuel source, many more of them are being designed to use with gas. The great thing about gas is that it’s clean and you are not burning an open fire, as such.


Compact BBQs are becoming increasingly popular and offer many of the features of larger BBQs. Perhaps this is because more of us are going on adventures to use them or more of us have less space to use them. They are great for using on a balcony when living in apartments, one of the things I used to miss until I got a great portable unit which I use all the time just outside the sliding door of my balcony, as well as knowing I can take it with me when I head away from it all on long weekends.


Make sure you check the by-laws of your apartment or complex before going for it with a portable BBQ on the balcony to see whether there are any restrictions to using gas on the balcony. You might not be able to store a bottled gas on your balcony, for example. Get smart about it with a long hose and put your gas cylinder away from your balcony.

You’ll find these smaller more compact models come in one or two boxes. Assembly is quite simple. Normally, you only have to put them on the trolley and you are away. The boxes are a great way to move your portable bbq when you head on an adventure, so keep them for that purpose. I back up the strength of the box with some solid backing tape by putting it on all creases, corners and wrapping around the box a few times so the boxes will last for much longer.


Larger BBQs primarily designed for the home are generally much bigger and require a bit of putting together. I always think about cleaning too. Cleaning a large BBQ is a big job. I guess that’s why my preference has turned towards the portable models even if I am not using it much outside of my home. There is a whole lot less to clean and I don’t really need to cook for more than 6 people that often. Even when I do, meat should be left to rest before eating anyway, and that gives ample time to cook the next round.

I recommend soapy warm water for cleaning your BBQ. Think about the environment all the time, and look for dishwashing liquid that has taken the environment into consideration. You really have to be careful. Did you know that many dishwashing liquids even contain antibiotics? We are using them and throwing that dirty water out into the ecosystem. It’s no wonder researchers are struggling to come up with new antibiotics and bacteria is getting ever faster at adapting.


For safety reasons, make sure you always use your BBQ or cooker in a well-vented area. That even means outdoors when you are camping. It might look like a good idea to have your BBQ in some shade from a caravan or tent awning but exposure to heat, flame and smoke is not a good idea that close to your portable home. Let’s not melt anything.

Now, portable BBQs also come in electric versions, so it is not all gas. These devices cross the line somewhere between portable cookers and portable grills, so there it is worth having a good look around at what is on offer and it is definitely worth thinking about what you really want for your outdoor adventures and for using at home when you are just kicking it back with friends. The best thing about a portable electric BBQ, grill or cooker that runs on electricity is that you don’t have to worry about any regulations when you are cooking your food.

And that’s a point to remember when you are out camping – fire regulations. You can’t always light up a BBQ as easy as you might think.


Is there anything you can add from your experience? Share with everyone else in the comments section below.

Martin White

Martin is huge on everything outdoors and is even bigger on driving and technology. He loves boats, new stuff and writing about it.