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There are a lot of anglers out there who can say that they’ve tried night fishing, but you may not be one of them. If night fishing is something you’ve never tried before, I wrote this article for you. Apart from providing a great sense of adventure, there are a handful of reasons why you must try fishing at night. Read on to find out what they are.


Heading to your favourite fishing destination for night fishing reduces the chances of having other people around. This means you’ll have less competition when it comes to the fish you catch and the spot you choose. It also means you won’t have to untangle your fishing line every other minute when it gets caught in another person’s line. You’ll no longer have to stay in one area because everywhere else is taken.

If you typically go fishing on a boat, there aren’t going to be a lot of other boats in the same area, which frees up more space for you and your rod. The chance of getting a good catch is also higher since there aren’t other people dangling worms underwater. With no other anglers, you’ve got the place all to yourself.


A lot of fish species generally seem to be more active during the nighttime. The phase of the moon and the tides contribute greatly to this, but the water’s temperature is also something to consider. The majority of fish don’t tend to like warm waters. Because of this, fish swim deeper into cooler waters when the sun is exceptionally hot. This usually happens during the summer. However, at night, the water becomes cooler on its own, allowing the fish to swim up near the surface again.

Additionally, with fewer boats around, the fish won’t get too distracted by all the noise and movements. They’re much calmer because of this, and you’ll be much happier catching more fish, too.


You may think it’ll be twice as hard to fish at night than it is during the day because of the lack of light. While some may struggle to fish in dimmer light, without the sun in the sky, you won’t have to worry about getting sunburnt. The middle of the day is a chance to take a good nap and wait for the next round of fishing in the evening. Say goodbye to the sticky sunscreen you always hate putting on and end up sweating off anyway. Fishing at night means not having to bring extra items with you like sunglasses and a hat. Mind you, it can get cold, so make sure you are prepared.


Many anglers may argue that paying for the fees at fishing piers is worth it. However, you may not agree with them if you can’t even make ends meet. Fishing is supposed to calm you down after a week’s hard work, and the fishing fees can really stack up after a while.

Going fishing at night can help you avoid these fees. Of course, this doesn’t universally apply to all fishing piers, so it’s best to check with your favourite one first before you jump into anything.

I love fishing at night because it also gives me a day of fishing on each side. While the chances of catching fish increase in the evenings and early mornings, there are always those species that are lurking about in the middle of the night. Take along a fish smoker and cook yourself a meal as I do. There is nothing quite like it.



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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.