Adults Around A Campfire


After a long day of pitching your tents and building a campfire with your friends, it’s time to relax with some fun activities. And what can be more fun than playing a game or two? Below are a few camping games for adults.


The beauty of charades is that it can be played in teams, pairs or even just collectively as one big group. Write something on a piece of paper that one person has to act out (no words and sounds). Team members must then try to guess what it is. It can be anything! An animal, place or saying. The title of a movie, book or song. You can even throw in some famous names in there. If the team members figure it out correctly within a specified time limit, they get a point. Despite charades being an acting game, you don’t really need an Oscar to be good at it.


Be warned, campers. This game can get quite messy when the questions and dares get bold. You may already be familiar with its rules. One by one, players must choose between truth or dare. If they pick Truth, someone else gets to ask them a question, and they must answer truthfully. These questions are usually either embarrassing or very revealing. If they pick Dare, they have to perform an act that another player proposes. Add a spinning bottle to make the turns more exciting!


Camping is often a bonding activity, and Never Have I Ever is a game that can up the ante. It can reveal things about your friends you didn’t even know about. Players start by saying ‘never have I ever’ then filling in the blank. Get creative. For example, ‘never have I ever stolen anything’. Other players who have committed the act in the past loses a point. To make the game more adult, losing players can instead take a shot.


Another one of the most fun camping games for adults is Would You Rather, which also relies on a conversation. It doesn’t have any points involved, so there aren’t any winners or losers. To play the game, someone asks players to choose between two hypothetical options. The questions can range from silly to downright strange. As a bonus, players can defend their answer from others who’ve picked the other choice. It always sparks a spirited debate.


Sometimes, it pays to be prepared. Packing a card or board game ahead of your trip can ensure a fun activity when the sun goes down. You can bring a standard deck of playing cards or break out the UNO cards you haven’t used in years. Maybe you can go up to the attic to dust off some board games like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders. Just be sure everyone can play your game of choice, so no one is excluded.


Feel like a kid again by playing Hide and Seek with your fellow campers. But, in this version, you can’t just hide under a table or inside a closet and call it a day. Finding a good hiding spot in the woods is going to be challenging, but it’s equally tough to look for your friends when it’s dark out.


Throwing around a frisbee is another active camping game for adults. You can do it in broad daylight or under the night sky. To make things more interesting, buy a glow-in-the-dark frisbee. Wear a glow stick on your neck or wrist to make it easier for other players to spot you. You can’t play it right if you don’t know where to throw.

There’s a lot of work involved when you go camping, but it’s certainly a rewarding experience. It’s made even more memorable when you spend time with friends, talking and playing around the dancing flames of your campfire. Whether it’s an acting game or a competitive physical activity, these camping games for adults are must-tries!



Are there any more games you can add?

Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.