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Glamping is getting more people out of the cities and into the outdoors and the open countryside. It is a great way to make the outdoors accessible to the city-types who might not want to live without their modern amenities. While campers may look at glampers and say they aren’t really experiencing nature, glamping is a great way of making the outdoors accessible to everyone. Do you want to get away for a holiday in the great outdoors but aren’t sure if camping or glamping is for you?


For me, camping represents more than just a holiday. We get to unplug from our connected lives and spend some real time interacting with our loved ones and with our natural surroundings without the distraction of a screen.

Sleeping fully immersed in nature provides a spectacular backdrop to your holiday, with starry skies, breathtaking views and the sounds of the natural world awakening every morning gives an appreciation for the natural world in a way that a day trip to the countryside can’t.

Breaking from the routine and choosing a different pace of life for a few days helps reenergize better than any five-star resort or spa. Some time away from your bed and modern appliances gives a different perspective on your life and allows for personal introspection without the distractions of your daily routine.


Lugging all your food and water to a remote location can be a pain and having to ration and measure your drinking water if you are not near a potable water source can be a chore to some people.

Because of your proximity to nature, you will get dirty. You might be confronted by some wildlife and you will undoubtedly meet several insects. If you are not a lover of Australian critters this may not be your idea of a holiday.

Keeping food cold without a cooler can be tricky and expensive. Replacing the ice in your esky every day to prevent your food from spoiling is definitely a hassle.


You arrive at your picturesque destination and everything awaits you. A spacious and airy teepee sits in a clearing complete with a ready-made bed, scatter cushions and a crackling fire. You don’t get your hands dirty fiddling with tent-poles and ground sheets.

The food is usually provided by your tour operator. I have only been glamping once, but every morning the catering team provided us with omelettes, eggs and bacon in the mornings and a three-course meal in the evenings. You don’t need to worry about food spoiling or buying ice.

Similarly, water is not a concern while glamping. My teepee had running water and shower facilities. Like a hotel, I also had a small selection of toiletries to use and a toothbrush, should I have forgotten to pack one.


If you enjoy being disconnected from the outside world, glamping certainly isn’t for you. Wifi was easily accessible and my kids spent most of their time watching series on the tablet in the evening.

But it is hard to find many serious cons with glamping. You live in comfort and have all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, in a stunning natural environment. But you don’t get any feeling of satisfaction after starting your own fire or erecting your own tent. You don’t feel any sense of achievement of self-sufficiency like camping can offer you. If you want to experience the nature Australia has to offer with the comforts of a modern hotel, glamping is definitely the way to go.

If you want a deeper sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and interaction with both people and nature, there is really only one clear winner. Grab your esky, tent and sleeping bag and head out of the city for yourself.


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Oli Ward

Oli has camped and hiked his way around Australia and most of Europe. He also loves writing about his experiences and sharing his knowledge.