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Equipping your dog with its own wardrobe isn’t just something for celebrities who treat their dog like a fashion accessory. Of course, there are endless dog clothing products produced purely for fashion purposes, but there are also plenty of functional clothing options which serve a purpose and give your dog an impeccable sense of style in the process.

Buying coats for your dog may look like a cool fashion statement, but they seriously don’t need it in Australia. Unless the temperature is regularly hitting minus figures, that Burberry jacket you bought your pooch is completely unnecessary and could even be causing a serious problem by raising your dog’s body temperature. But here are some cool clothes which can be useful.


The opposite of that ridiculously expensive Burberry jacket, a cooling coat can be really useful for dogs in the summer. Just run these under cold water and squeeze them out and they are ready to use. The coat holds the moisture without getting your dog wet. As the moisture evaporates slowly, the coat keeps your dog cooler for longer. This might be something to consider when hiking, bushwalking or when fishing for a number of days in the middle of summer.


For kayak fishermen, canoe enthusiasts, or general seafaring dog owners, a doggie life jacket is a must have. I regularly take my canine out on the kayak and have invested in a life jacket and leash that secures her to the kayak. When she inevitably falls in (I think she does it on purpose), I can easily reel her back in one swoop and continue on without much time lost. This is a great way of sharing your marine and freshwater hobbies with your dog and makes for some fun days out.


Yes, there are doggie t-shirts in a variety of colours, but these aren’t just for style. If your dog is suffering from skin allergies and rashes or needs something to hold medical dressings in place, these are ideal. They are made from cotton and cover the whole coat except for head, paws and genital area. They are also good for protecting shorter hair dogs from sunburn – make sure you know what you are buying.


If your dog isn’t fond of rain there are some adorable doggie raincoats and rain jackets on the market. A lot of dogs love the rain and see it as an opportunity to play, so be aware of your dog’s personal preference before you fork out on a nice rain jacket for them. If you are out on a boat fishing, a rain jacket might really come in handy.


Dog shoes can serve a variety of functions. If you enjoy long walks on firm surfaces it is often a good idea to invest in a pair. Dog’s paws are not designed to walk on hard surfaces, like asphalt, for a long time, not to mention if you are out fishing on the jetty or on the rocks. A good pair of dog boots or dog shoes are great for offering protection, which includes protection from insect and snake bites when you are out in the bush.

There are also non-slip dog socks which are not only adorable but really useful for stopping your dog skidding all over your polished floors.


Although dogs don’t live long enough to develop UV damage to their eyes, if your older dogs have cataracts, they will likely benefit from some kind of UV protection. Even If your dog doesn’t, these offer wind protection and there is no harm in letting your dog rock a new pair of sunglasses on your next walk to the park. They will probably end up the talk of the town in the dog world.


If you do want to accessorise your dog without them overheating, bandanas are a great way of adding a little creative flair to their wardrobe. They aren’t intrusive and don’t hinder movement, but also light enough so as to avoid overheating.


What else do you think is appropriate for dogs when they are out and about with us, especially in harsh conditions?


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