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Fishing tools and accessories make a fisho’s life more convenient, versatile and fun. From different hooks, lines, floats, sinkers, floats, reels, rods, lures, baits, nets, gaffs, traps and waders among many others, fishing tools and accessories make it possible to catch big, let you explore your fishing style and allow you to be more flexible and creative. And as the tides and the seasons change, so do fishing tools and accessories. Each year, there seem to be new names and variety out on the market. The following is a look at of some of the new fishing tools and accessories fresh off the hook.


Frabill has a new Trophy Haul series of landing nets that boasts of LED illumination, extension handles and extra grip points. Using cutting-edge technology, Frabill brings another advancement to fishing nets. The Trophy Haul Series includes three net lines that have their own unique set of features. Trophy Haul nets feature:
• Revolutionary handled yoke
• Improves balance and removes stress
• Asymmetrical, flat-bottomed net
• Snag-proof fish slide
• Fish-friendly conservation netting
• Lighted module and reflective hoop
• Available in multiple hoop sizes

With eight new models, the Trophy Haul series is ready to give every fisho an extra hand.


Calcutta adds new colourful grips to its extensive line of fishing tools. The brand has revamped its set of crimpers, pliers and cutters with new stylish and colourful handles. What a way to add some fun to your tools. The new Calcutta grips are extremely corrosion resistant, very comfortable and easy to operate.

Calcutta has just put a tighter grip on the competition.


Cuda Fishing Tools debuts two tools — the Professional Snip and the Professional Plier.

The Professional Snip: The Professional Snip is eight inches long and sports titanium non-stick, German 4116 stainless steel blades that are corrosion-resistant. The blades also include a micro-serrated edge for quick and efficient cutting of straps, nets and fins.

The Professional Snip boasts of blades that are five times harder than untreated stainless steel. This helps the blade stay sharper, longer and provides fishermen with a versatile, dependable tool while fishing. The handles aren’t to be ignored. They’re made of a multilayer, two-tone and cold-moulded Micarta with full-tang construction. They also come with a lock for safety and storage. For added convenience, a hard-moulded sheath holds the snip in place, while the attached lanyard comes in handy during cleanup.

The Professional Plier: The eight-inch Professional Pliers features titanium alloy jaws that are rust- and corrosion-resistant.

This plier also comes with an integrated cutter that makes slicing and cutting through braid, mono, light wire and fluorocarbon easier. The handles are also of multi-layer, two-tone and cold-moulded Micarta with full-tang construction. For security and convenience, the Professional Plier has a hard-moulded sheath with an attached lanyard that secures the tool when not in use.

Both the Professional Snip and Professional Plier come with the Cuda lifetime warranty.


Promar takes bait nets to a whole new level with an aluminium telescoping bait net that extends to 38 inches.

Promar introduces a new line of bait nets that will make scooping delicate baits a breeze. The aluminium telescoping bait nets come with handles that extend to 38 inches in length and retract to 18 inches. Choosing any length is easy and remains secured with a twist-lock knob. These deluxe nets also boast of soft, woven nylon mesh netting for holding fragile baits. Moreover, fishing in saltwater isn’t an issue with the anodised aluminium handle and hoop, which are both highly corrosion-resistant. Bait nets have never been this fun and convenient at the same time.


Gerber introduces a line of 12 fishing tools all set to make the competition even tougher. Among the 12 new tools, here are a few of them.

Magnipliers: These pliers come with an ergonomic trigger grip that helps translate the power from the hand into power you can use in the tool. Another great feature is the oversized finger choil that provides another place to rest the forefinger. This also gives extra stability. The pliers include a sheath and a lanyard.

LineDriver Line Management Multi-Tool: This tool may be compact, but it has everything a fisho needs to make tying knots and handling tricky lines a lot simpler. With its clever dual-ended feature, the LineDriver gives you six essential line management functions. Another great feature of this multi-tool is the innovative dual-serrated scissor snips. When unlocked, it works as a full-range scissors; when locked, the scissors bias slightly open for some quick cuts when clipped to the pocket.

Processor Take-A-Part Shears: The best part about this pair of shears is the standout orange colour that makes it easy to spot when you’re busy or when it gets buried under your tools. The Processor Take-A-Part Shears boasts of serrated blade edges that make cutting through tough or simple jobs easy and efficient.

Controller Fillet Knife System: Finding your grip on a wet fish is tricky, but that shouldn’t be the case with your fillet knife. Gerber’s Controller Fillet Knife System is designed with clean, smooth cuts in mind. It has a flexible blade and GuideFins™ and tactile HydroTread Grip™ that offer the ultimate grip on the knife, even in the slipperiest of conditions.

FreeHander Line Management Tool: As the name suggests, the FreeHander lets you work with one hand when cutting and securing a line. The wide paddle design provides enhanced control to the user. The moveable parts work great in providing a custom fit.

Neat Freak Braided Line Cutters: This cutter sets the bar high for other fishing tools and accessories on the market. Precision cutting is what the Neat Freak Braided Line Cutter does best. With its BearHand Control feature, the user gets greater comfort while reducing fatigue.

Gutsy Compact Processing Tool: How can a compact tool offer so many features? The Gutsy is as gutsy as its name. It’s a fish gutter, scaler and multi-tool rolled into one. The Gutsy is designed to be easily stored and efficiently used, offering four essential functions to get a task done.


Premio introduces a line of titanium fishing pliers that are friendly on the budget. Made of 100 per cent titanium cutters, the Premio pliers come in a beautiful matte finish with Premio’s Super Halo hinge and cobalt titanium cutters.

Available in 5.5-, 6.5- and 7.5-inch sizes, each Premio plier is made with high-grade leather and comes with an elastic cord lanyard. All titanium pliers carry a full lifetime warranty.

As fishing continues to evolve, so do fishing tools. As every angler learns new tricks, a new generation of tools and accessories is born. There is nothing like having the tools you need when fishing.



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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.