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I cut my teeth taking Murray Cod at Glenlyon Dam in Queensland. There are some absolute whoppers lurking in there and it really gave me a chance to refine my skills and test out the best lures for the job.

Every year manufacturers bring out new lures designed to appeal to Murray Cod. The market is now saturated. But it is hard to choose a single lure that delivers time and time again. It is totally dependent on the location, the conditions, the time and your fishing style. However, these are some of the lures I have had some success with around Glenlyon.


Spinnerbaits have been around for a while and are a regular feature in my tackle box whenever I am fishing on lures. Spinners are my go-to for Murray Cod because they work in most conditions and are a great place to start if you are unsure of what the situation calls for.

Spinners are good for fishing structure because of their snag resistance, they are also easy to cast which makes them great for people starting out. Their versatility comes from their ability to sink. It doesn’t sink quickly, which means you can use them in both swiftly moving water and slower, more gentle rivers. For Murray Cod, I use a 5/8oz Spinner but depending on your setup and the fish you are chasing, anything from a 3/8oz to a 2oz lure can be used.


Using hardbodied lures is great for drawing the fish into an impressive strike. In Glenlyon Dam, I use a purple or yellow hardbody, somewhere between 75mm and 150mm in length. Most of the fish sit in the water around 3 to 6 metres deep and these hardbodies drop into their hiding places around structure, drawing them out. The larger hardbodied lures of 150mm are great for getting the bigger bites. Murray Cod are really territorial and might strike the lure because they want to kill it, not necessarily because they are hungry. Therefore, even if the fish aren’t hungry and most solutions aren’t working, it is sometimes worth dropping a big diving hardbodied lure in.


At night or early in the morning, when the light is still low, hardbodied surface lures will often get results. Throwing them out around structure and retrieving them at pace sends vibrations out in all directions. This will attract the aggressive Cod and makes for some spectacular striking.


Big soft plastics are good for dams. They match the prey Murray Cod like to feed on and can be easily adapted to suit the conditions. If you need something to sink into structure you can add weights but be careful, they don’t have much snag resistance. Soft plastics usually give me the best results in winter.

Lure fishing is unpredictable and this list is by no means exhaustive. Different lures suit different styles and what works for one fisho may not necessarily work for another. But if you are looking for somewhere to start with Murray Cod, these are my recommendations. Enjoy!


Do you have a favourite lure for taking Murray Cod? Is there anything you would like to add to this article, Share through the comments section below.

Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.