toast and fruit


Choosing the right foods as a part of your diet doesn’t have to be about losing weight. Choosing the right foods when you are camping and fishing will mean you are not always looking for something to eat and getting hungry again not long after you have eaten. Haven’t you noticed that you are hungry soon after eating junk food? And let’s face it, junk food isn’t nearly as cheap as advertising does a good job of convincing us it is.

Feeling full isn’t something that has to put you in a coma either. Some of the best foods to help you feel satisfied longer don’t weigh you down. Weight inside your belly doesn’t equate feeling full, although it does equate to feeling bloated like you’ve just eaten way too much on Christmas day.

In actual fact, many foods that make us feel incredibly full immediately after eating them also make us feel very tired at the same time. They are also some of the foods that don’t give us energy for long. Junk food is the perfect example. Not all calories are the same. You can’t just judge a meal’s value by the number of calories it contains. Sweet, fizzy drinks contain a lot of calories because they are packed with sugars. Those sugars go straight into your bloodstream and give you a sugar high immediately after being consumed. On the other hand, fruits are packed with sugars and fibre. That sugar doesn’t go straight into your system and gives you a steady supply of energy that lasts longer and will keep you feeling satisfied.

This is very important when you are out fishing and camping or whatever you are doing outdoors. Your body needs a good, constant supply of energy so you can enjoy the activities you are partaking in. Having the energy you need will keep you feeling satisfied instead of feeling deprived.


Food with extra water and fibre content are a good start to keeping you feeling satisfied for longer. That means good old-fashioned meals of fruit and vegetables to start with.


Have you tried a fruit salad and perhaps a few pieces of high fibre toast? You will be surprised at how full you feel without feeling weighed down and how long you have energy for. Fruit salads are the perfect high-fibre high-water meal. A fruit salad with high-fibre toast is a very “energy dense” meal. Fruit is great to take along with you when fishing. Another great thing about fruit is that it has its own wrapping. There’s nothing better than saving on all that plastic.


A broth-based soup over high-calorie cream soups is another energy dense meal. You simply add your vegetables, beans, chicken and fish. As long at is lean meats you are adding, your meal will give you loads of energy and keep the hunger pangs off for longer. I make up a broth in the mornings and add fresh vegetables and pre-cooked meats to the broth so that it cooks by itself by the time I want something as the morning passes while fishing. It’s like having a warm drink and a meal at the same time.


We all love smoothies. They are easy to make and make them right and you can take them on a fishing trip with you too. Make them up, freeze overnight and pack them in the esky. There are loads of great smoothie recipes to try throughout OnDECK.


This is an easy snack to take along with you camping and fishing. If you are out only for the day, you can pop those kernels before you leave. Corn kernels last forever, don’t require any special care and are perfect for snacks when you need for days on end.


This is another easy-to-store item that is perfect for camping and fishing. Who doesn’t love a peanut butter sandwich? Peanut butter sandwiches are packed with protein and fibre as long as you are using high-fibre bread. Make the most of this one when you are looking for loads of energy that will last.

Are you getting the picture? Getting back to basics with your diet gives you a lot more energy when you need it most; when you are having a great time outdoors.


Are there any snacks you can add to this list? Let us know by sharing with us and everyone else through the comments section below.

Suzy T

From camping to fishing, to trekking and touring around Australia for lengthy periods of time, Suzy lives it. She also has a passion for pets. Now she is sharing her experiences.