Man Fishing In The Rain


It’s no secret that rain can affect your fishing success, so a wise angler knows to check the weather before any expedition. However, not everyone knows exactly what to expect after or during a shower – be it light or heavy – especially if you’re an amateur fisherman. There’s no need to worry. As with any other activity, fishing can be a learning experience. If you’re planning to go fishing on a rainy day, here’s what you need to know to increase your catch success rate.


The first thing you must take into account is your attire. You can’t just wear a sleeveless top with denim shorts when fishing on a rainy day. If it’s just a light shower, then you may only require a raincoat and a hat. However, heavier rainfall may call for a full rain suit, which comes with waterproof jacket-and-trouser combos that are also very lightweight.

Wearing denim is always a bad idea in the rain due to the weighty material. You must also invest in a good pair of boots that can keep you from slipping.


Always wear a life jacket when you’re fishing near or in the water, especially during a storm. Remember: the heavier the rainfall, the harder it is to see. If you slip and fall into the water, your personal floatation device may just save your life.

Of course, there are going to be times when the rain is too strong. In those cases, you must make a smart decision. Perhaps it’s better to postpone your fishing trip than to brave the weather and risk your safety. You also have the option of waiting until the rain stops before pushing through. It still depends on the forecast, so you’d better make sure you check it regularly.


Sometimes, rain impacts your fishing in a way that doesn’t even cross your mind. You don’t think much about the aftermath of heavy rain, but there’s more to it than it seems.

For example, the run-off after a downpour can be your ally when it comes to fishing in a river because it brings various worms and insects into the water. You don’t need to be an expert angler to know that fish love to eat these crawlers, and they’re more likely to come out of their hiding spots for a bite when this happens.

The chances of bigger fish swimming around the river are also higher, which means you’re in for more of a challenge. If you want to target these larger ones after rainfall, consider using a bigger spinner than usual.


There are times when fish don’t want to come out of their shelters if it’s too hot outside, especially when it comes to clear lakes. However, the rain brings in gloomy weather and a decrease in temperature, which can be more desirable for some species of fish. The falling raindrops can also muddle the surface of the water, making it harder for the fish to see you.

Rain impacts your fishing in different ways. Hopefully, these pointers can help you understand how it can affect your success in the water. Of course, you’re not expected to become an expert overnight. Fishing on a rainy day may take some practice, but it’ll surely pay off in the end. All it takes is your willingness to brave the rain.



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Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.