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Windy days can both be an advantage and a disadvantage for many anglers. Wind conditions concentrate plankton, which then attracts baitfish and in turn, fish. However, windy days can also make it challenging to control boats and the types of fishing presentations. To make the most out of not-so-favourable weather, anglers need to know how to work with the wind.

With smart tips and some luck, even the windiest of days can give you more bites and a bigger catch. The following are some helpful tips for fishing on windy days.


The wind may be a hindrance to fishing, but it can also be your friend. One of the advantages of fishing on windy days is how the wind creates constant tidal movements. These tidal movements then create channels that are great places for fish to feed. Your goal is to find channels that run parallel to the wind direction. This is where a lot of fish will be feeding. Other possible ambush locations are points, small coves and patches of shallows where fish might be waiting for easy food.

If you can position your boat into the wind and fish against the wind, you should have a better time fishing.


Marking your area can make it easier for you to locate ambush spots during windy days. Using marker buoys is a great idea because they come with a heavy sinker and cord wrapped around the float. With the help of sonar, locate the biggest depth change and mark each corner with a buoy. Fish tend to stay at the edges and on the leeward side of the underwater habitat. A good tip for fishing on windy days is to drift across the corners of the underwater habitat, then let your bait float across the shallow part and then down the sides.


When the wind blows aligned to the shoreline, bait and food wash down current. Banks with man-made habitats, such as docks and piers are a good idea. These areas are potential hot spots for fish as they hide out here waiting for food. Point the bow towards the wind and drift within casting distance of the objects.


Wind creates disruptions underwater and forces the fish to feed closer to the surface. For that reason, move to shallower water to catch potential fish in the area. If you usually fish 15 to 20 feet deep into the water, try fishing in five to 10 feet of water on those same points on windy days. There’s a good chance the wind will have pushed the fish to the shallower parts of the water.


Fishing on windy days can be difficult, and sometimes anchoring is what separates catching a pile of fish from a day of misery. Anchoring on windy days is a great idea, so you don’t have to control the boat and you can just concentrate on fishing.

While most anglers don’t find fishing on windy days inviting, there are those that know that the wind can also work to their advantage. The wind can energise a fishery. It also makes baitfish more active because the wind moves their food supply around. When baitfish become more active, the fish, too, become more active. This is why a windy day can make for a promising fishing trip. Don’t let the challenging weather affect your fishing mood, use the wind to your benefit.



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Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.