Blue Reef Fishing Charters

Based right out of Sydney Harbour, Blue Reef Fishing Charters offers a premium quality fishing charter servicing Sydney Harbour and the offshore reefs of the region. With over 15 years experience backing up your day chasing fish on quality rods and reels, you can have an amazing time with Blue Reef Fishing Charters 7 days a week, all year around.


Blue Reef Charters just love giving the newest to the most experienced anglers an amazing adventure, whether that be deep sea fishing, sports fishing, game fishing and a little harbour cruising, as well as playing host to all kinds of events and functions where cocktails are the catch and the last thing in anyone's mind is fish, except for fishnet stocking perhaps on a crazy Hen's or Buck's Night, corporate function, private ceremonies through the blazing away New Year's Eve on the A Team and the Sydney Harbour.


You are in more than safe hands with experience on deck Blue Reef, you'll take of some of the best local and deep water fishing knowledge and best kept secrets on where to find your target species under the care and skill of skipper and the crew at Blue Reef Fishing Charters. Don't forget discounts are available of midweek trips, perfect for international and domestic tourists as well as gift vouchers for large groups.

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About Our Captain

Adam, your skipper, has over 15 years experience on charter fishing vessels working for numerous successful companies as a contract skipper and has combined all the good fishing knowledge and boating techniques he acquired along the way to bring Blue Reef Fishing Charters to life. Adam has logged over 7,500 hours of offshore sea time and is a Master Class 5 skipper and MED Grade 3 Engineer qualified vessel master.

Adam knows knows when, where and how to help you catch your dream fish. Marlin over 200kg regularly land on deck, while our best day produced over 200 keeper fish.

About Our Boat

The MV 'A-TEAM' is a custom built 38ft charter fishing boat powered by a 300hp turbo diesel 6.8lt power plant. The fiberglass GPR hull and modern design makes it very stable at sea and rides even rough seas with ease. Spend more time fishing and less time traveling. A-TEAM boasts heaps of rear deck space and can comfortably fit 14 fisherman offshore and 25 passengers in shore. A-TEAM charter vessel is a fully licenced and insured as per the Australian Maritime Security Association and RMS Maritime regulations.

Why Choose Us

Blue Reef Charters offers a full array of fishing charters from half day harbour fishing, through reef fishing trips, sport fishing trips, game fishing trips all backed the experience , knowledge and skill to get you on the fish you are dreaming. We also offer the A- TEAM charter on bookings for just about any type of event, function, personal occasions, corporate gatherings and parties including the rowdiest of hen's and buck's nights on the harbour.

Charter Options

Everything from harbour cruising and fishing, to some of the best sport, reef and deep sea fishing available in Australia as well as one of the best places to party on the water in Australia, especially on New Year's Eve.

Fishing Styles and Methods

Blue Reef Fishing Charters offers inexperienced anglers the opportunity to get involved in any type of fishing on the harbour, and we particularly enjoy introducing amatuer anglers and experienced fishos alike to some of the best deep sea fishing Sydney and NSW has to offer. Take it relaxed and slow through the day or engage the monsters lurking in the deep with some heavy blue water game fishing to the extreme.

Fish Species

Heading out for a full day of deep sea fishing with Blue Reef Fishing Charters, you'll never know what you will find, from Cod, Bass Groper, Sword-Fish, Marlin, Snapper, Kingfish, Morwong, Perch, Flathead, Nannygai, Jewfish, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Tuna, Sharks and many more deep sea species in waters ranging to 700m in depth, every charter is another exciting adventure.

What We Include

All fishing charters with Blue Reef Charters include the following:

All quality rods, reels and baits.
We use high quality Dyneema braided fishing line, so you feel every bite.
Seating, sun and rain cover.
A full flush toilet and hand basin.
All fish gutted and gilled.
Tuition and guidance from an experienced crew.
Modern fish finding electronics.
Fully licenced and insured.
A modern fast vessel and over 200 offshore reefs to explore and fish.

What We Advise Against Your Bringing

No need for your own fishing gear
Everything you need for the best fishing in the region and the fish you will be able to target is available as a part of your charter - you don't even need a fishing licence because we've also got that covered for you.

Knives or similar items
Whether for fishing or not, we ask you not to bring any knives onboard. In fact, they are prohibited (as are any firearms obviously). All prohibited items will not be tolerated on board.

Disposable plastic items that you are not going to take home with you.

What You Should Bring

Along with a common sense, here are some of the things we suggest you bring along with you:

Definitely bring your camera and be careful with your smartphone by keeping tied to yourself.
Food and drinks, ice for hot days is a good idea, we ask you to make sure you stay well hydrated.
Esky or plastic bags for your fish.
Hat, sunglasses and sun screen and other smart protection from the sun.
Wet weather gear if necessary, which isn't often the case but be prepared.
Appropriate clothing such as warmer clothes in winter, windbreakers are a good idea.
If you are concerned about getting seasick, eat less and bring travel calm tablets with you as we do no return mid charter for cases of seasickness.

Pricing and Rates

A-Team charter vessel can fish up to 14 fishos comfortably.


This is our most booked fishing trip and aims to put you on top of some spectacular fishing reefs located just of Sydney. We fish between 3 and 12 nautical miles from the coast in 50 to 120 meters of productive fishing waters. We target all reef species and use only quality Shimano, Penn rods and reels and fresh baits.

We run two reef trips per day from 6:00am-1:00pm and from 1:30pm-6:00pm. The following rates are based on whole trip booking only:


10 PP - $120 PP - $1,200 MIN
12 PP - $110 PP - $1,360 MIN
14 PP - $100 PP - $1,400 MIN



10 PP - $100 PP - $1,000 MIN
12 PP - $95 PP - $1,140 MIN
14 PP - $90 PP - $1,260 MIN


Our Sports Fishing Trips main aim is to catch larger predatory and pelagic fish such as Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish), Kingfish, Jewfish, Marlin and Tuna species. We light troll to 9 Mile, 12 Mile or Long Reef for Marlin and Tuna then live bait and jig for Kingfish. Reef fishing is also carried out on these trips to maximize your catch. We also fish around Sydney’s FADS which are artificial Fish Aggregating Devices. Sports Fishing Trips are a ‘reel’ adrenalin rush for the modern angler. So bring your cameras.

We run two sport fishing trips per day from 6:00am-1:00pm and from 1:30pm-6:00pm. The following rates are based on whole trip booking only:


6 PP - $225 PP - $1,350 MIN
8 PP - $175 PP - $1400 MIN
10 PP - $150 PP - $1,500 MIN


6 PP - $220 PP - $1,320 MIN
8 PP - $170 PP - $1,380 MIN
10 PP - $145 PP - $1,450 MIN



Our game fishing trips run all year round and are the full day duration, starting at 7am and finishing at 5pm. The season will determine what pelagic game fish we chase. Through winter months, June to October is peak Tuna and Shark fishing season. We target Yellowfin, Albacore, Blue fin and Mako Sharks. From November to May is magic Marlin season. Blue, Black and Striped Marlin are targeted by trolling heavy game lures. We also target Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Short Billed Spear Fish and Sharks.

Game fishing is the most extreme form of fishing with smaller Marlin weighing 70-80kg and larger Marlin being over 200kg+. Be prepared for a supreme battle with these truly amazing fish.


6 PP - $270 PP - $1.620 MIN
7 PP - $250 PP - $1,750 MIN
8 PP - $250 PP - $1,840 MIN


These charters include Harbour Cruises and events like Australia Day, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and any means of general vessel hire. Our charter vessel A-Team is fully licensed for 28 passengers inshore so it’s ideal for big group bookings.

Ask about our New Year’s Eve Hire for a fantastic special celebration. A-Team can also be hired for the transportation of equipment, has a towing permit and may be hired as a passenger ferry inshore. We have also been hired for filming purposes and as a support vessel.

MAX 28 PP - $400/HR - ADD HOURS - $300/HR - NEW YEAR’S EVE - $360 PP
MAX 28 PP - $400/HR - ADD HOURS - $300/HR - MIN 25 PP

Travel and Accommodation Tips

Sydney and the surrounding area is packed with betters to be found when you book ahead or take advantage of the many last minute deal websites in heavy competition. Unless there is spectacularly large event on in Sydney, there's always accommodation to suit all budget types available.

As there is limited time, a single location is normally arrange in advance so that we do lose any fishing charter time and make the most out of each half day charter. If time is lost, Adam does his best to make it up for you.

We're flexible where we can pick up from, allowing you a greater choice of accommodation knowing you're not far from Blue Reef Charters. We prefer to pick up from Watson Bay Ferry Wharf, Mosman Wharf, Rose Bay and the Casino Wharf as all of these provide convenient in and out access with the most safety - parking is also available under the Casino at relatively low rates however a pickup at Pyrmont Bay (Casino Wharf) will incur an extra charge of $35 as a result of NSW RMS fees.

Manly Wharf, Balmain Wharf, Lavender Bay and Balmoral Wharf are also not a problem if you are staying outside of the CBD. All of these locations are easy to find on Google Maps and we advise you be on location at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.


Once a booking is made, a deposit of $400 is to be made to confirm and secure the booking. We accept EFT transfers or direct bank deposits. The balance can be made EFT cleared prior to charter day or cash payments made on boarding the vessel prior to departure without exception.

Booking Conditions

If a charter is cancelled due to poor weather or unforeseen circumstances by Blue Reef Fishing Charters, a full refund of moneys paid, and will be processed within 24hrs. If cancellation occurs due to such reasons as you don't show up to the wharf, the $400 deposit not refunded as we lose a booked date. Cancellations must be made by the organiser 14 days prior to charter date for the deposit to be refunded.

Whole charter bookings can be made or individual and separate group bookings. We have gift certificates available for whole charter bookings, just contact Adam for first available date options. We need a 24 hour contact name and phone number so a courtesy call can be made to you by Blue Reef Fishing Charters the evening prior to your charter date.

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