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Airlie Fishing Charters are based out of Airlie Beach on the northern coast of Queensland. Our home base is roughly 280km south of Townsville on the mainland within a stone’s throw of the Whitsunday Islands.


Airlie Fishing Charters is a locally, family owned and operated fishing charter business taking pride in giving our clients an enjoyable an enjoyable, reef and deep sea fishing charter experience aboard our large, comfortable, fully equipped vessel.


Our experienced captain and deckhands provide the best fishing charter trips from Airlie Beach and the surrounding waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands, for any level of angler. Our waters are internationally renowned as some of the most prolific fishing grounds in the world, and we have the experience to share with you some of the best fishing possible in the region.

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About Our Captain

Our captain, Russel, has been fishing these waters for over 30 years and we have over 1000 GPS marks. We know where the fish are, and we will take you to them.

About Our Boat

The Museo Deep is only 3 years old and the third charter vessel owned over a career spanning more than 40 years. It's the ultimate at providing a world class fishing experience for a smaller number of anglers. She has a custom build to handle both heavy-tackle fishing off the coast to long-range bluewater fishing for days.

The Museo Deep is equipped for all fishing styles and possiblities with an array of the highest quality fishing tackle and even includes two fully custom-made tenders added to the bow - perfect for both inshore and estuary fishing.

Why Choose Us

We are a smaller fishing charter which allows us to offer a very personalised service. We offer clients 2 types package fishing charters and optional private charters for longer fishing sessions if required. We're so good at what we do and know the region within the Great Barrier Reef, unaffected by Green Zones, the pristine waters, we will take you right to where there are plenty of fish to be found. Whether you are a newbie or an experience fishing enthusiast, we have the experience to offer you the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Charter Options

If you are looking for a shorter charter time, try one of our 1/2 day fishing charters. All the fish you want are close by and within a few minutes of departure. Limited to a maximum of 10 persons.

If you are looking for the full experience, try our full day charters. The extra time allows us to take you to a wide range of our best fishing spots for a varied fishing experience. Limited to a maximum of 10 persons to allow good personal fishing space and a high level of personal service.

We are very flexible and are willing to discuss with you your needs, extended overnight fishing trips to fishing trips over a number of days. We can also help you with great pricing on local accommodation. Limited to a maximum of 6 sleeping persons.

Fishing Styles and Methods

Whether you are a novice fisherman or an experienced anglers, and offer a variety of fishing styles including game, sport, jigging, casting poppers, bottom fishing and spearfishing.

Fish Species

Having the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands as our playground, the volume and types of fish you will encounter. We fish for everything this natural wonder has to offer. From Marlin, Sailfish, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and GTs, to the tasty Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Red Throat Emperor and Nannygai, are just some of the fish you have the opportunity to fish for.

What We Include

Apart from all the fishing tackle you will need to go after your choice of species with an ample supply of fishing line (will need to pay a small extra if you exceed that amount), we offer a lot to make your fishing charter with us a memory of a lifetime.

Meals, Unlimited Soft Drinks, Unlimited Open Snacks
On half days we provide a main meal plus there's always healthy snacks out the whole trip. On full days we provide two full meals, a very early lunch and an afternoon dinner,

Please note, all drinks and beverages are serverd on or in high-quality recycled paper cups and platers. All dinnerware is stainless steel.

Wholesale-priced alcoholic beverages
Fishing and alcohol don't mix well when there are more empty drinks than fish being kept fresh in the slurry.

An "I did the Great Barrier Reef with Airline Fishing Charters" Souvenir Bag
We suggest you place all the items you do want to bring with you in a plastic bag from the supermarket instead of bringing your own bag. we will make sure it is recycled after taking it your plastic bag from you.

We're doing you a favour because each guest gets a free "I did the Greate Barrier Reef with Airlie Fishing Charters" drawstring bag that's got an environmentally friendly waterproof inner and lightweight but sturdy hessian outer in a natural fawn colour. They are greate for wearing backpack-style, using one shoulder or just holding in one hand. They're well built, lightweight, hold about the same amount as the standard shopping bag. The bags are great for a multitude of uses, especially when you are in a position where you want to keep items dry when you are in a potentially very wet environment.

Insurance and License
You are covered for the whole time you are under our care. You don't need any kind of fishing permit. We have that taken care of for you.

What We Advise Against Your Bringing

Just in case you've brought things you don't really need or we prohibit on the boat, we've got strongbox to lock up any gear safe for you untill we get back home.

No need for your own fishing gear
We're experienced at what we do, so we've got all your bases covered. We recommend you don't bring your own fishing tackle unless you are highly experienced with it and you just can't go without it.

No need for your own esky
All fish caught that you intend to take with you will be out into our skurry tagged as your catch. This large slurry is perfect for keeping fish fresh. Before you disembark, your catch will be packed hard into our very own mix of slurry and ground ice that fill the foam esky we'll give to you - yes, it is included in the deal and will keep fish well for many hours after your charter with us.

Anymore than what fits in a standard supermarket shopping bag because won't fit in your souvenir bag.

Knives or similar items
Whether for fishing or not, we ask you not to bring any knives onboard. In fact, they are prohibited (as are any firearms obviously).

Anything that could exploade
You will be surprised what can blow up under the heat of the Great Barrier Reef. For example, aerosols are not a good idea. Rollon deodorants and perfume pumps are a much better idea.

BYO snacks or drinks
We offer everything you will need. Apart from the small price tag on alcoholic beverages, it is not about the drinks. It is about the containers they come in.

Anything that is plastic and disposable
That includes snacks with wrappers, the wrappers from a box of cigarettes, plastic bottled drinks, the lid and your own toothbrash. We provide all these items aboard our charter and a recycling box where you put them when you are done. Everything is counted at the end of the trip, so if there is an item missing from the recycle bin, you will need to find it so we can round off another eco-friendly fishing trip.

The global oceans have been trashed with plastic for years. We're not allowing anyone on our charter to make it worse.

What You Should Bring

Protect yourself against the sun with appropriate clothing
We suggest you wear comfortable, sun safe clothing, wide brim hat and shoes with rubber soles whether you are on a half day charter, or out at sea for the whole day.

Swimming gear
If you want to take a swim when we stop near the islands, you will definitely want to bring your swimming gear. We have two rooms for changing that everyone will get a good warning about when to take advatage of well before we arrive.

Extra Sunscreen (not just Banana Boat Coconut Oil)
We recommend you bring plenty of sunscreen, any prescription medication, your smartphone with a camera and a backup camera too.

We recommend you always have some kind of strap on any of your devices that can wrap arround you wrist - we've seen too many go overboard. Just in case you forget, we carry straps with a thick elastic grab that will hold just about anything handheld device tight.

Your sunglasses need to keep out the UV rays just to protect your eyes. However, you will have a much better experience if you are wearing Sports sunglasses or Fishing Sunglasses because they also allow you to see better in the water.

Proper protection for your feet
We recommend you bring fishing shoes that offer plenty of grip on the sole as well as being tough so that a knife would have trouble cutting them, just in case you decide to take a dip in the shallower waters and accidentally tread on a sharp object that could cut you. These shoes will serve you will on the boat too. The typical boat shoe is good for when you are on the boat but there will plenty of opportunity where you can experience the great barrier reef up close and in the water

A big smile - you are about to have an experience of a lifetime.

Pricing and Rates

Standard Pricing
Half Day Charters start at $169 per person with a maximum number of 10 guests.

  • We offer a 10% on full 10 guest booking made 30 days in advance paid in full
  • We offer a 5% bookings made for 2 or people made 30 days in advance paid in full.

Half Day Charters start at $369 per person with a maximum number of 10 guests.

  • We offer a 20% discount on full 10 guest booking made 30 days in advance paid in full.
  • We offer a 5% discount on bookings made for 2 or people made 30 days in advance paid in full.

We have 3 pricing starndards: Standard, Premium and Advantage

At certain times of the year, there's so much action about, the conditions are perfect and the numbers of particular fish are on making those times Premium Season. There are a number of reasons that cause fluctuations in our rates at certain times of the year. A single Premium Season may only last a week followed by a Standard Season. It's all mixed up for a number of reasons, not forgetting popular holidays. Advantage Seasons have their benefits too, such as not as much fish about but are great for those who want more of a cruise with less focus on fishing.


  • Prices subject to a 30% increase no discounts available.


  • We offer a 10% on any bookings and an additional 20% on full 10 guest booking made 30 days in advance paid in full.
Travel and Accommodation Tips

If you want to get here fast from a distance, you can fly into the Whitsunday Islands.
Accommodation is pricing on the islands but there is a range of accommodation at Airlie Beach that offers a range of pricing. We can help with reservations and pricing with most accommodation providers in and around Airlie Beach.

If you are coming from Townsville, It;s under 300km, which is nothing for the average Australian. If you want to do that by private hire car, we can help you arrange both self-drive or with a driver to suit your needs. If you want that just ask and we'll give you a quote. If you can't beat it, and we urge you to try, then book that directly with us.


Visa/Mastercard/Paypal/Western Union/Cash/Bank Transfers
If you really want to pay in cash, we can put a hold on your card which we will release when you pay cash on arrival - there's something extra in it for you too.

Booking Conditions
  • 30% of the total is required immediately if that's by bank transfer you can email a copy of the receipt.
  • The remaining 70% needs to be paid in full within 14 full days before the date of your charter (not including that day). If the remaining fee is not made by that time we try to offer another option (but not always guaranteed):
  • Date change with 20% surcharge on the 70% outstanding, otherwise cancellation is and no refund is possible (no date changes are transferrable)

When paying in full, we offer a number of advantages:

  • Date change flexibility without charge where possible(one time).
  • Discounts on extras.


    Free cancellation within 14 days before departure (not including departure day)
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You can contact us and make an enquiry or booking directly from our website.
Click our website link and go. Alternatively, you can contact us to make your enquiry or booking through the OnDECK Enquiry Box on the right - This is the option we would like you to use. We can serve you better when you contact us online through this enquiry box. Please put as much information as possible into your message so we can prepare the most suitable response for you. As you can probably imagine, do all this over the phone for the first time can take up a lot of time.

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