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When it comes to upgrading and modifying 4×4 vehicles, you can literally go as far down the rabbit hole as you want to go. In most cases, the limit is the wallet. If you are looking to make some upgrades to your new 4×4, but don’t have unlimited funds to tap into, there are a few key areas that you should prioritize to get the most bang for your dollar.


Factory stock suspension is nowhere near as comfortable or as smooth as aftermarket suspension. It makes sense to start here, as the suspension is one upgrade you can feel every second of every drive. Depending on what you intend to use your vehicle for, you will want to find the most suitable suspension kit. Whether you need higher ground clearance or better shocks, there is a suspension kit out there for you which will instantly improve your ride and performance.


The default factory tyres on 4×4 vehicles are made for paved streets. They know most of them are going to be driven by busy mums on the school run. This means softer sidewalls and unsuitability for off-road endeavours. A wider tyre with more aggressive, self-cleaning tread and stronger sidewalls will give you more traction off-road, and prevent damage and punctures.


Not only will a bull bar stop a particularly dopey kangaroo from smashing your front end up, it is also essential for branching out with other accessories. Once you have a bull bar fitted, you can start exploring other off-road tools like winches, spotlights and light bars. Not to mention, they completely transform the look of the vehicle from ‘school commute mum’ to ‘savage off-road machine’.


For Australia’s dusty outback, you need an aftermarket intake and filter. These will improve the airflow to the engine by offering a straighter, more direct channel to the engine. A washable filter is also worth considering to stop dirt entering the combustion chambers of the engine and wreaking havoc.


A snorkel isn’t just a good idea if you are doing a few river crossings, it also improves air intake across dusty terrain. Rather than sucking in hot air from around the wheels, a snorkel will give the engine access to cooler, cleaner air. This will improve fuel economy.


Your factory built 4×4 was fitted with an exhaust system designed to avoid waking the neighbours up when you pull out for work in the morning. It wasn’t designed for tearing up the bush without a soul to disturb for miles around. After-cat exhaust systems will give you more power and better fuel economy by creating a more direct system. They usually offer a thicker tube, with fewer bends, to improve performance and give the engine a ferocious roar.


Standard factory lights are built to illuminate the upcoming road and nothing more. To give yourself a more extensive field of vision for night offroading, get yourself a halogen spotlight or light bar.

These upgrades shouldn’t burn your pocket too much, but will greatly enhance your vehicle’s off-road capabilities. Start with these upgrades before you delve too much further down the rabbit hole. Before you know it you’ll be hooked and wanting to accessorize your vehicle to the hilt.


What else should first time 4×4 owners upgrade? Do you have anything you can share?

Mike G
Mike G

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