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Buying a new pet is not so easy as in the old days where all you worried about was finding the right one and introducing it to your family and friends. To make sure you have everything covered, here I’ve put together a list of all the preparation and procedures needed.


Ok so you might think this is overload, you already have insurance for your house, contents, car, health and life, and now you need it for your dog too, Well yes, you really should, with vet fees reaching up to thousands of dollars these days you do not want to have to borrow money to be able to save your best mate.


The pet you have bought should have at least some vaccinations already, so you will need to check which ones and then ensure that the total of required jabs are given at the right times. Puppies are unfortunately very fragile and can easily catch a large number of diseases, some proving fatal. Remember to keep a record of the vaccinations as if you ever are going to leave your dog in a kennel they will ask to see that everything is up to date.


Unless you are planning to breed and sell puppies in the future it is wise to talk to your vet about desexing your dog as it brings with it a lot of benefits. For example, it is less common that they wander off or fight other dogs once desexed and furthermore avoid certain health issues.


Your dog will need to have a microchip not just so that you can find them if they go missing but because the government requires it. Be sure to register it with the right authorities (the suburb, town, state) and update your details when you change number or address.


Go ahead and get some supplies before bringing the puppy home, such as the right food for the breed, some playthings and somewhere to sleep. Be careful not to get the most expensive food or to cook especially for your pet unless you’re willing to do this their whole life. Just like humans dogs can get accustomed to top quality and will refuse to eat anything else.

Also buy some strong cleaning products, paper towels and newspapers as it’s going to be a while until the floor stops having little ‘accidents’ popping up.


You’ve probably already found your vet, but check around for a backup one for just in case, and also look into grooming services and dog walking services if necessary. You might think you can do everything yourself but sometimes life gets in the way so you could need some assistance in the future.


Sign up your dog in a puppy class and don’t miss any sessions. Follow the advice of the trainer and be as strict as possible at home and out. The earlier you start the better behaved your dog will be.


Do you have any other suggestions for what needs to be done when you buy a new dog, Share your comments below.

Philip Wallis

Philip grew up with a family of pet lovers. He particularly loves dogs and is sharing his experience with OnDECK by DINGA.