Man Fishing From A Kayak At Sea


Kayaks have become a popular alternative to traditional fishing boats. They’re easier to use, maintain and store. It’s also a good option for novice anglers who aren’t ready to commit to a fishing boat. You’ll need to do some customisation, though, if you want to use it for fishing. Here are some more accessories that’ll instantly transform your kayak into the perfect fishing vessel.


As practical as a kayak is, it doesn’t give you a lot of space to prepare your rig. A bait and tackle board will be a useful addition to your kayak as it’ll provide you with a flat surface to prepare your gear. It’s within arm’s reach and is stable enough that it will not drift along with the currents.


Spending several hours on your kayak will put a lot of strain on your back. If you’re uncomfortable you won’t enjoy your fishing expedition. To make sure that you will not encounter any back pain, get yourself in a fishing seat. There are a lot of available models to choose from. Your choice will depend on which seat will be able to offer the right amount of cushioning and back support that you need.


Getting a catch is something that brings all anglers joy. Have you experienced feeling so excited that you used your hand to hold the mouth of the fish only to realize seconds later that it had sharp teeth? Ouch! There’s a simple and easy to use solution — fish grippers. These are plastic pliers that allow you to clamp down on the fish’s lower jaw without doing any significant damage. Fish grippers the perfect tool especially if you’re planning to catch and release.


It’s time to retire the repurposed milk crate that you made into a DIY kayak crate. If you’re frequently out on the water for kayak fishing, it is time to finally invest in a rod holder and cooler combo. This will provide you with storage for up to four rods as well as enough room and organization for your tackle and other equipment.


A dry bag will help keep your gear, electronics, phone and wallet safe. They are waterproof and made of durable materials, and will keep your gear protected if you accidentally knock it into the water. Dry bags come in different colours and sizes.


Electric trolling motors with an easy mount application for kayaks are simply a must.

There are a few trade-offs when you use a kayak instead of a traditional fishing boat. But none of us who fish from a kayak would swap a boat over a kayak any day because kayak fishing is simply the coolest way to get on the water and get on the fish.

Kayak fishing is way more fun than fishing from a boat or from the shore and I don’t consider any of what I spend as a cost, it’s my investment in my physical and mental health. I’ve always got another excuse to splurge a bit more in order to enhance my fishing experience.


Is there anything else that we need on our fishing kayaks? Share your opinion below.

Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.