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A walk through any pet shop and the array of puppy products on show would make anyone think they need a whole room to dedicate to all the gear their new puppy will need. But there are really only a few basic essentials your pooch can’t live without. Here is a list of most of the things you will end up needing sooner rather than later.


• Water and food bowl
• Dog food
• Treats for training
• Food storage container
• Scooper to control portion sizes


A good dog bed
• Strong barriers to separate the house
• A crate or pen used for enclosing your puppy when you need to
• A dog house if you want an outdoor dog


• Reflective collar
• ID tag
• Harness
• Lead – start on a shorter lead while you are training your puppy and get a longer one once the obedience basics have been learnt
• Magazines, bags, newspapers or a scooper to pick up the mess
• Dog coat (either for insulation or to keep them cool)


• Potty training pads
• Dog toys
• Rawhide chew toys
• A good stain and odour remover (for your floors)


• A dog-friendly first aid kit
• Dog dental chews
• Flea treatment
• Worm control product
• Dog ear care product


• Dog brush
• Dog comb
• Dog shampoo
• Dog conditioner
• Dog nail clippers
• Dog hair clipper (for longer haired breeds)

These items will give your dog all the equipment he needs to settle in your warm and welcoming home environment. Moving into a new home with a family of strangers would be terrifying for a human, so it will be just as terrifying for the dog. Being prepared and giving your dog everything they need from the moment they step over the threshold will make the experience much easier and more exciting than arriving at an unprepared house and having to “make do” until the appropriate supplies can be bought.


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Philip Wallis

Philip grew up with a family of pet lovers. He particularly loves dogs and is sharing his experience with OnDECK by DINGA.