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There are a wide range of boating accessories can make your experience on the water much more pleasant and productive. Whether you’re exploring estuaries, lakes, rivers or heading offshore, these boating tweaks and modifications enhance convenience or provide practical solutions.

Here is a handful of accessories that will improve your boating experience, safety, and efficiency, and allow you to focus on catching fish.


The fastest way to turn your runabout into a fishing machine is to add an electric motor. Electric boat motors provide anglers with stealth, increased control, phenomenal manoeuvrability and a massive advantage for catching fish. Make sure you check the legal requirements of an electric boat motor even for your dinghy.


Random events happen, especially when you are at the mercy of mechanical parts and human error. Whether you’ve been towed by the coast guard, flipped canoes loaded with equipment or had to dive into the water to screw in a bung and save a sinking vessel, the chances are most boaters will experience an on-water calamity at some point.

Safety equipment is a legal requirement. That doesn’t mean you should don’t settle for the bare minimum. Ensure that you are adequately prepared on various fronts and have backup plans, especially if there are kids on board. Keep extra life jackets handy, tell someone where you are going and provide an expected return time.

Phone coverage can be very hit and miss on the water. Don’t mistakenly believe that a quick phone call will get you out of trouble. Keep in mind that in low reception areas because a text message can sometimes sneak through when calls won’t connect. Another alternative source of communication is to purchase a VHF marine radio or satellite phone, especially if you are visiting remote areas.


GPS and sounder units can be purchased individually or in convenient combo units. They provide guidance through waterways, help you reach fishing grounds and pinpoint the fish.

In addition to their role as an aquatic street directory, GPS units also allow you to mark interesting features and save tracks so that you can repeatedly find your way around.

Sonar or sounders are amazing tools for reading water depth and for interpreting underwater substrate and structure. They are also handy weapons to find fish (fishfinders are versions of sounders) and the resolution and imagery produced by modern units is simply remarkable.


If you intend to spend more than a few hours on the water, an esky or ice box is a worthwhile investment. A good esky will keep ice frozen for extended periods so you’ll have cold and refreshing drinks at your disposal for rehydration. An esky will also provide a means to put any fish captures immediately on ice.


A basic tool kit is handy for any on-water reel servicing or repairs. It can also help solve minor mechanical issues and save an outing from and early finish or prevent long anxious waits for coast guard rescues. If any mechanical issue is beyond your knowledge, don’t be afraid to give your trusted marine mechanics a call to see If they can trouble shoot.

These pieces of equipment are essential items to consider for on water safety, boating efficiency, and fishing power. Always have your own safety and equipment list prepared to check through to ensure that you are adequately prepared and armed to catch fish.


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Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.