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One of the essential things to bring when you go camping is a backpack. And if you’re planning to make this a regular activity, you want your backpack not just to work but also to last. No matter how often or how long you want your camping trips to be, here are a few effective tips on how to make your backpack last longer.


Investing in a good brand backpack may require you to shell out more money, but you’ll reap more benefits in the long term. A good brand offers quality, value and warranty. Sometimes, we base our purchasing decision on price alone and end up buying another backpack for the next trip because the quality didn’t live up to your expectations. Pay a little more now, and you get to save more in the long run.


Camping can be rough, dirty and unpredictable. You’re allowed to be reckless, but if you can add extra care, this shall save your backpack from so much trouble and your wallet from added stress. Being more careful can do many wonders on your backpack’s lifespan. For instance, avoid sharp rocks if possible. Don’t push your backpack’s limit. Check how much weight it can hold. When setting it down, check the ground first. You must be mindful to make your backpack last longer.


Another effective way to maintain your backpack is regularly checking and treating it. Doing so will let it perform better and last longer. If you’ve had your backpack for a while, make sure to check it for any cleaning or repair needs before you head out for camping. Don’t ignore imperfections no matter how small because this is where bigger problems stem from. When repaired properly, backpacks can still perform like it’s brand new.

There are specific glues you can use to repair holes or for seam enforcement. Treating small imperfections regularly will save you time and money.


Not only should dirty boots be cleaned, but your backpack also needs a proper wash. They may not always appear dirty, but they do get as grimy as your other gears, too. Wash your backpack with a mild detergent. You can use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the bottom, the straps and other small crevices. It’s best to wash them with your hands so you can target areas that need cleaning the most. This also spares you from ruining the zippers and helps prevent discolouration.


When you aren’t out camping, make sure that your backpack, along with your other gear, is stored correctly. This ensures your backpack stays in good condition.

Remove all your stuff from the backpack, then clean it. Make sure nothing is left, especially scraps of food. If your backpack is wet, clean it first, then let it dry out in the air before storing; otherwise, mildew and mould will ruin your gear. It may mean extra time and effort from you but never store a wet backpack. Choose a cool and dry place when storing your backpack.

Backpacks make camping easier and convenient. Taking backpack maintenance seriously not only lets you enjoy your bag’s optimal efficiency but also saves you money — lots of it if you take really good care of your pack. So, on your next camping trip, give your bag a little more love, embrace the great outdoors and enjoy how your backpack looks and feels brand-new every time.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.