Huge Hamburger


I am not proud to say that I often find myself on the sofa in the middle of the day, flicking across television stations, hungry to find something that sparks my interest. I keep coming back to these obscure channels with shows about slightly obese men with massive appetites taking on eating challenges. These shows repulse my partner. She complains they make her feel physically sick. They just make me feel hungrier.

While I am no professional eater, I do have a hefty appetite and am carrying more than my fair share of timber around my waist. I thought I would see what eating challenges Australia has to offer for the hungry (and slightly overweight) traveller like myself.


Where: Sunshine Coast, QLD

A bakery in Queensland is offering hungry doughnut-loving wanderers the chance to take on their 1kg beast. Not only do you have to power your way through the dough, but there is also a filling of Nutella, jam or custard. The whole thing will set you back $20 but you will be reimbursed if you finish the confection in its entirety. Send the bakery a Facebook message the day before to reserve your spot and make sure they are ready for you.


Where: Any Mad Mex restaurant

One month a year, Mad Mex restaurants offer hungry eaters the chance to win a wrestling mask (and bragging rights) by ingesting a 1KG burrito. The challenge may not be as tough as some others out there but it is very accessible, with Mad Mex restaurants located all over Australia.


Where: Arrivederci Pizzeria, Brisbane, QLD

The annual ‘Eat-A-Meter’ pizza competition in Brisbane dishes out more than just bragging rights to the winner. The man or woman who eats the metre-long pizza in the fastest time will take home $1000. Entry is just over $60 and anyone that finishes will walk away with a t-shirt.


Where: Goodtime Burger, Sydney

If five beef patties between layers of bacon and sauce and doused in cheese is enough to make your mouth water, you might want to give this challenge a go. You have eight minutes to get it down you and the burger is free. If not, it will set you back $25. On completing the challenge, you will also have your face immortalised on the Goodtime Burger hall of fame.


Where: The Oaks Hotel, Sydney

Another one for beef lovers, the Tomahawk consists of 1.8kg of rib-eye fillet steak, served alongside 500g of fried potatoes and a portion of green beans. The whole dish costs around $85, and unfortunately, you won’t get this back if you conquer the cow but you will walk away with a trucker hat.


Where: Bremen Patisserie, New South Wales

An eating challenge list wouldn’t be complete without a bit of fire. The Flaming Ron at Bremen Patisserie in New South Wales is allegedly the World’s Hottest Meat Pie. It will have your eyes streaming and your nose flooding but if you get it down in ten minutes, you get it for free. It might not be worth the following 24 hours nervously awaiting its departure.

Just writing about these has made me hungry. If these sound up your street, put them into your travel plans to combine two of our favourite past-times, eating and competing.


Share your experiences and destinations with other hungry travellers in the comments section below.


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