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When I am in the kayak on a day out paddling and fishing, I want my food on the fly. Everything has to be about convenience. But at the same time, paddling is exhausting work, and when you are out all day, it can be a good workout. Finding the balance between healthy, energy-dense food and convenient snacks is not an easy one.

For me, the days of petrol station beef jerky and a packet of crisps are over. I have realised that if I eat like a king: I fish like a king, and I am in a better mood, more focused, and can stay out longer.


Aside from being nutritionally inferior, eating processed junk food all day does nothing for your energy levels and recovery times. Unprocessed, whole, healthy foods will leave you with less soreness and stiffness in your arms the day after a long paddling session. It might be a little more expensive and harder to source, but you really should make the effort to get unprocessed food for your kayak fishing trips.


Three square meals won’t cut it if you are spending a lot of the day paddling. You are burning off energy at an elevated rate. Therefore you will need to refuel every couple of hours with calorific foods. An hour of paddling will burn off 400-600 calories, depending on the intensity. You need to replace these calories to give you the energy to get through the next stage of paddling.


Peanut Butter Balls: These balls aren’t only delicious, they are energy-dense, making them perfectly suited for kayak fishing. Mix peanut butter with oats, honey, raisins, salt and chocolate chips. Then blend the mixture until you can roll the mixture into balls. Once you have your balls, refrigerate them for a couple of hours, and they are all set.

Chocolate-Coated Peanuts

Granola Bars

Trail Mix

Bananas: The easiest food to transport because it has its own carry-case.

Dried Fruit


Cured Meat


Boiled Eggs

Sunflower Seeds


Sandwiches: The outdoor favourite for trails and fishing trips alike.


Chilli: It tastes better if you have a small stove to heat it on.

Dehydrated Meals

Multigrain Bagel with Cottage Cheese, or Peanut Butter

And, of course, your catch!

To wash it all down, make sure you have plenty of water and a thermos full of coffee. Ditch the Red Bull and sugary sports drinks. Water is the best hydrator so don’t even waste your liquid space with anything else.


Do you have a favourite kayak fishing snack? Add it to these ideas in the comments section below.

Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.