Kebabs On A Campfire


One of the best ways to fully enjoy a camping trip is to bring foods that are easy to prepare and cook. But, of course, preparing food should come with a little fun and excitement. To make eating while camping a little extraordinary, never skip roasting over a campfire. Here are five decadent campfire treats that are both easy to prepare but no-less-than delicious to eat.


A damper is a very popular item to put on a stick. The first thing to remember is not to make it too wet. Otherwise, it’s going to slide right off. Roll it around a clean stick, and slowly rotate it over the fire, so the dough is cooked evenly. To check if the damper is cooked already, tap it. If it sounds hollow, it means it’s already cooked and ready.

You can remove it from the stick when cooked or take your bites from there. Add jam or maple syrup into the hole and enjoy your damper! Putting Nutella on your damper is a delicious idea, too.


Cinnamon roll-ups are fantastic camping foods on a stick. They’re not just easy to prepare, but they make for a fantastic camping breakfast or snack. Here’s how to do it.

Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Separate crescent rolls and wrap them around the skewer. Roll each in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Cook over the campfire for 5 minutes. Make sure to rotate frequently.


This is a simple but delicious and healthy treat. All you need to do is put a banana on a stick or metal skewer, then heat it over an open flame. To add more fun, add some flavour to it. When the bananas are warm enough, roll the bananas on chocolate flakes, candy sprinkles or pour dessert syrups.


This snack is both unique and fun, not to mention, thrilling to prepare! Another brilliant idea is how the orange works as a serving dish and cooking vessel, making cleaning up easy.

To cook an egg in an orange, first, cut the orange in half and scrape out the fruit from both sides. Then, cut a small ‘X’ on one orange half (about 1 cm) and another ‘X’ below the opposite rim. Thread a long-pointed stick through the cuts, turning the other half to hang like a basket. With a little help, ask someone to hold the other half so you can crack an egg into it. Hold the end of the stick and put the orange shell over the campfire.

Cook for about 10 minutes. Let cool for a few minutes and remove the orange from the stick. You can add salt and pepper to taste.


If you’re looking for something meaty, this is the perfect food on a stick for you. Kebabs are not just delicious, but it can quickly make you feel stuffed in no time. Choose from meat or fish, then alternate it with vegetables. The options are limitless. Grilled kebabs look very enticing and colourful.

Cook the kebabs for 15-20 minutes, but make sure not to make the meat too chunky, so both the meat and vegetables are cooked evenly.

Camping with great food can be tricky because of the limitations you have to deal with. Still, camping won’t be as memorable without roasting over a campfire. You don’t need to spend too much time on preparing food to roast, these camping foods on a stick should satisfy your grilled cravings already.

So, whether you’re in for a cold night under the stars, or you’re enjoying a warm day, cook a special meal over those roaring flames and enjoy it with family or friends.



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