Easy Campfire Hacks


Going camping without a campfire is like eating spaghetti without cheese. It just doesn’t feel right. A campfire completes the camping experience. Sitting around, sharing stories or just basically having a good conversation around a campfire can be one of the most wonderful memories you’ll take home with you after camping, not to mention the many meals you can cook over a campfire. But if starting a campfire feels like a hassle to you, don’t worry, here are a few hacks you can try to easily start a fire.


If you love drinking wine, then you’re in luck. Starting a campfire won’t be a problem. You can use all those wine corks from empty bottles of wine and turn it into a great fire starter kit. All you need to do is take an empty jar, toss in a dozen or so wine corks inside and soak it with alcohol. Now, make sure the jar you’ll be using has an airtight lid. This is a good way to put all those useless wine corks to good use, by the way.


Who would have thought that Doritos chips can come in quite handy when starting a campfire? If you are having problems starting a fire, it’s time to sacrifice that bag of Doritos chips and use it for kindling. No, the flavour won’t matter and any bag of Doritos chips will do. The only downside is, you’re down a bag of chips, but it’s no big deal as long as you have a container to store the chips. Anything to start a campfire, right? Whoever thought of this deserves a medal!


Pine cones can be very useful for starting a fire. Pairing it with dried wax can make a hell of a fire starter. All you need to do is gather several pine cones and let them dry inside your oven. Set the temperature to 150 degrees and leave it for one to two hours. Observe it. If a pine cone is dry, it opens up.

While waiting, you can gather all those old candles and melt them in a double boiler. You’ll use it later on. When the pine cones are dried, dip them into the melted wax using a pair of tongs. Cover the entire pine cone with wax, and let the excess wax drip for a few seconds and wrap it in foil to dry. Store the pine cones in airtight storage so that it will remain dry. Pack a few cones when it’s time to go camping. Simply light it up, and your campfire won’t be a problem.


This is another great combo, too. Chances are, you’ll be cooking eggs for breakfast on your camping trip. Pick eggs stored in a cardboard carton instead of plastic since it can double as a fire starter material. All you need to do is cut one cup away from the box and place it under your kindling. Light the cardboard with a match, and it’ll catch fire quickly. This fire starter will burn steadily and produce enough heat to set your campfire ablaze.

These are some simple hacks you can do to ensure you make a campfire without the stress. The best thing about these hacks is that you’re using mostly waste materials, which you’re putting to good use. Before you go camping, test these hacks and see which one will be the easiest thing for you to pull off. Stick with at least two to three reliable fire starters, so you’ll always have back up.


Do you have any other tips to starting a campfire? Share your experience below.

Kimberly Powell
Kimberly Powell

Kimberly loves camping, cooking, travelling and animals. She's turned her hand to writing to share her experience.