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It has long been a stereotype that dogs look like their owners, but until now it has always been treated like an old wives’ tale. It must just be a coincidence that someone like Paris Hilton, with her petite angular features, has chihuahuas which carry similar features? Why does the old curly haired woman go for the poodle with a similar style, and the hipster girl with the glasses and long straight fringe goes for the Springer Spaniel? Surely this is just coincidence?


Wrong. New scientific research has found that in many cases dogs and their owners share features. A psychologist in Japan conducted an experiment where he took loads of photos of dogs and their owners and candidates had to match the owner to the dog. Sounds like a fun game, right? But people were successful at matching the dog to the owner in 80% of the cases, simply by matching facial features.

But why do we end up choosing dogs that look like us? Essentially as humans, we look for familiarity in everything we do. We feel comfortable and happy in familiar surroundings. In another experiment conducted showed people a series of random Chinese characters. They were then asked to translate the characters, but the people had no knowledge of Chinese. The characters that were most familiar to the candidates and had been shown most often, were generally assumed by the candidates, to have more positive meanings than the characters they were unfamiliar with.

The same mechanism works when we are choosing a dog to adopt. We see familiar features in them which we see in our own faces and our subconscious sends our brain positive messages. We feel comforted by the sight of these dogs and are drawn to them.


Another reason is that we often choose pets compatible with our lifestyles. If we are sporty and active we are unlikely to choose a fat and immobile dog. This is logical as we are looking for compatibility when selecting a breed of dog.

Next time you take a look at your pet, see if you can see any of yourself in them. If you can, why not enter a pet look-alike contest?


Do you think we should have a pet and owner look-alike contest here at OnDECK by DINGA Online? Let’s us know because we will do it and make it worthwhile!


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