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With camping grounds and caravan parks increasingly encouraging owners to bring along their dog, more travellers are bringing Fido or Bruce with them. For many people, leaving their pooch home would simply crush the kids. So now that you have the kids entertained and used to the idea of a road trip, it’s time to look at what you can do to make it more comfortable for your dog.


Before you get on the road, it’s important that you take your pet to the vet and make sure he or she is healthy enough for travel. An underlying condition might not be evident until you are already on the road. Just like us, dogs need a regular health check up and before hitting the road is the perfect time to schedule it.


For new dogs who haven’t been on a road trip, I simply get them used to the idea by taking them in the car as much as possible beforehand. As soon as they learn what it is all about they are much more comfortable and behaved with you. Having a pet bed they sleep on at home that you can bring with you inside your vehicle will really help them feel comfortable in the car.


Pets can get travel sickness too. The best way to avoid it is to feed your pet before departure. That means for them to eat around 3 hours before you leave. Eating just before you go can also have the opposite effect. It also helps for them to exercise before getting in the car. You want them to have time to come down from all that excitement.


Just like you, rest stops are great for your dog. Dogs should get fresh air at a stop and by taking a walk not by hanging their head out the window – that’s unless you want them to lose their head or suffer from ear damage.

And of course, never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle. That simply goes without saying and anyone who does deserves everything they get coming to them.


Do you have experience travelling on the road with your dog and can share your experience? Share your tips through the comments section below.

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