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If you are a beginner to fishing, you might not be aware that all fishing reels can be broadly categorised into 2 types of fishing reels, saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. To get the most out of what you are choosing, it is important to understand what makes them different.


Because saltwater is harsh on metals, saltwater fishing reels are normally made of stainless steel and other non-corroding components. Generally speaking, this is why saltwater fishing reels tend to be a little higher in price compared with freshwater fishing reels.

Even that being the case, you can expect a saltwater fishing reel to take some damage from saltwater over an extended period of time.

Freshwater fishing reels that are not designed to take the same amount of punishment from saltwater are more easily damaged when using in saltwater environments. That doesn’t mean they are of lower quality, it just means they are designed for a different purpose. Nevertheless, all fishing reels should be rinsed in tap water after a day out fishing if you want to keep them in good condition and get the most out of your investment. All water, whether it be from a river or from the sea, will cause damage to a reel if it is not cared for.

Saltwater fishing reels also tend to have models that have extra line capacity because they are used to catch larger fish.

Freshwater fishing reels definitely have their place too. If you are mostly fishing in freshwater, they are perfectly designed for the job. However, if you start to fish regularly in saltwater environments, it is better to switch to a saltwater fishing reel.


In summary, if you are looking at buying your first general purpose fishing reel, unless you know you will be fishing exclusively in freshwater environments, I recommend going for a low-cost, brand name all-purpose saltwater fishing reel because you know that it can be used in all environments. Look for non-corrosive components in a brand name you know you can trust.


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Robert M Davies

Robert passed the "Obsessed With Fishing Test" with flying colours. Instead of talking, Robert has turned his hand to writing about his experience in fishing all around Australia.