In the good old days, we got to enjoy damper with the taste of ashes. Thankfully, today we have aluminium foil and camping stoves. Damper is one of those things we all learnt to cook at school and then forgot. Why? Because it didn’t taste good? Well, it’s about the toughest and most tasteless of breads you can make. I reckon it is time to spice it up a bit.

Before we continue, you might be wondering what makes damper, well, damper? Damper is traditionally made with wheat flour and doesn’t contain a raising agent, such as bicarbonate soda. So yes, it is thick, heavy, chunky, salty loaf of bread. If you are starting with milk, you’re already making a luxurious lump of damper.


Milk or water

So all you do is mix up these ingredients to make a dough and you have damper. You sift the flour and salt into a bowl and make a well in the middle, to which you pour in the milk and mix. You can wrap it in foil and cook it in the ashes of a fire or use a camp stove if you want something a little cleaner. It should take about 30 minutes to cook.

That’s it. Tough, salty bread that normally ends up with a huge, thick crust. It’s no wonder it’s not on the top of any camping dinner menu.


It doesn’t take much of an imagination to give damper some flavour. One of my favourite ways is to add cheese, jam and some fruit. A good serving of sugar will really jump start your taste buds. Serving it with cream will make for a decent dessert. Once your dough is ready, make it flat like a pancake so that you can place your cheese, jam and fruits on top.

All you need to do then is roll it like a wrap and pinch off the ends. This will give you something of a swirl bread. The advantage of this one is that it will still taste great if you slightly undercook it. That’s the way I do it to get that gooey inside. The kids just love it.


Do you have any ways to give damper some flavour? Share your culinary skills with everyone through the comments section below.

Madeleine Park

Madeleine is a real green thumb and spends most of her time outdoors in her garden if she is not outdoors somewhere else.